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Insurance specialist

Mehdi Punjwani

Mehdi is a financial writer and editor with over six years of experience in personal finance.

He has written for organisations and publications including Equifax, The AA, and USAToday, covering a broad range of topics from insurance and banking to remittance, energy, and business.

Outside of personal finance, Mehdi enjoys hiking and exploring the great outdoors, reading about travel and history, and occasionally playing football and cricket.


Mehdi Punjwani

Mehdi's Experience

Mehdi began his career at a marketing agency, and after a year he joined MoneySuperMarket as a contractor.

Rising to the position of Content Manager in his first stint at the company, Mehdi displayed an aptitude for producing high-quality content at pace.

Mehdi now contributes to MoneySuperMarket as a full-time freelancer himself, using his extensive knowledge and experience to continue guiding consumers and helping them save money at home.

Mehdi's recent coverage


  • Car insurance

  • Home insurance

  • Personal finance