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Wedding insurance

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Do I need wedding insurance?

Weddings aren’t cheap, and when your big day is coming up you’ll want everything to be perfect. But if something throws a spanner in the works, wedding insurance can keep you protected – and it’s cheap too.

Wedding insurance covers you against the cost of cancelling or rescheduling your wedding. That means you’ll be insured if your bridesmaids or best man fall ill, or if your venue or caterer can’t make their commitments. You might even be able to get insurance against the weather.

If you’re looking forward to a quiet ceremony with a few friends and family, odds are you won’t be left out of pocket if you have to rearrange. But if you’re planning on pulling out all the stops for your special day, consider getting insurance

Wedding insurance and coronavirus

The coronavirus has disrupted a lot of our plans – but it’s still possible to get a great deal on wedding insurance. However, a few things have changed since Covid-19.

We’re working with our partners at Protect Your Family to offer you as many choices as possible, but you might see a smaller range of providers. Your providers might also have some extra rules or optional extras related to Covid, so make sure you read your policy in full before you buy.

What does wedding insurance cover?

However you’re planning your celebration, it’s likely that you’ll covered by wedding insurance. A good wedding insurance policy should include:

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    Cancellation cover

    If an important participant can’t make your wedding due to accident, illness or death, you’ll be covered – but it doesn’t count if the bride or groom simply gets cold feet

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    Trouble with the venue

    If your venue or suppliers let you down, wedding insurance will help recoup the cost – so you can rearrange your wedding to a similar standard, and without breaking the bank

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    The weather

    Most providers won’t insure you against rain on your wedding day – but if you have to cancel due to extreme weather, like a hurricane or flood, you should be protected.

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    Wedding rings

    It’s everyone’s worst nightmare – but if your wedding bands are lost, damaged or stolen before the big day, wedding insurance has you covered.

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    Your photos

    You’ll want a record of your special day – but if your photographer doesn’t show up, or an accident ruins the photos during development, insurance will pay out for reshoots

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    ...And everything else

    Whether it’s the cake, the flowers, the wedding gown, or even your gifts, wedding insurance can cover just about everything that makes your special day special

Wedding insurance abroad

Overseas wedding insurance can give you peace of mind that your dream wedding abroad is covered. Insurance is available for weddings in Europe and worldwide, though some countries may be excluded, so check the policy details to make sure yours is covered.

It’s worth considering travel insurance for any trip too, with some policies featuring optional extras designed for weddings, covering things like wedding attire or gifts whilst you’re abroad.

What add-ons are available?

Every wedding is unique, so when you’re looking for wedding insurance keep an eye out for these optional extras that could come in handy:

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    If you’re renting a marquee for your celebration, consider getting an add-on to your insurance. That way, you won’t be left with a huge bill if it’s damaged during the event

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    Ceremonial swords

    If you have a military background, you or your guests might want to wear a sword. But they’re expensive, and there’s the risk of an accident, so it’s best to get protected

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    Public liability

    You’ll be protected if anyone invited to your wedding injures a third person or damages their property – great if you’re planning some fireworks, or even just a raucous party

How much does wedding insurance cost?

The cost of wedding insurance depends on what kind of wedding you’re planning – a low-key ceremony will be cheaper to insure than a big glitzy celebration. But in general, you can expect to pay less than £150 to cover a wedding costing £20,000 – a pretty cheap price for peace of mind.

However, even if you’re not booking an expensive venue or pulling out all the stops when it comes to catering, a big wedding can still be more expensive to insure. If you decide you want public liability cover with your wedding insurance, you’ll be asked how many guests you’re expecting. More guests means a higher risk – so if you’ll have lots of people celebrating with you, insurance might cost a little more.

What do I need to get a wedding insurance quote?

Getting a great quote for wedding insurance is simple with MoneySuperMarket. We’ve partnered with Protect Your Family to bring you some of the best deals on the market, and you can get a quote in minutes:

  • Your details

    Simply enter the names and dates of birth of the happy couple, along with some information about your wedding

  • Your level of cover

    We’ll need to know the total cost of your wedding, plus whether you want add-ons like marquee or public liability insurance

  • View your quote

    Once you’ve filled in a quick form, we’ll show you a range of quotes to choose from, so you can pick the one that suits your needs

Wedding insurance protects you if someone important can’t attend the wedding due to illness, and that should include testing positive for Covid-19. However, providers might have different terms and conditions, so make sure you read your policy in full before you buy.

You should be covered for deposits you’ve already paid when you take out a wedding insurance policy. However, if there’s already been an incident that’s led to you losing your deposit or having to cancel a service, a new insurance policy won’t cover you.

If the cost of your wedding rises and you decide you might need extra protection, talk to your insurer – it should be easy to get extra cover. If you decide you don’t need wedding insurance, you can usually cancel your policy within 14 days.

Wedding insurance doesn’t cover your honeymoon – but we have a range of great deals on travel insurance to choose from to help make your big getaway stress-free.

It’s usually best to buy insurance as soon as you start spending money on your wedding. That way, you’ll be covered for every penny. It doesn’t cost any more to sort out your wedding insurance early, and you can usually get insured for a wedding up to two years ahead of time.

If there’s a problem and you need to claim on your wedding insurance, contact your insurer as soon as possible. If you’re claiming on a lost or stolen item, you should take reasonable steps to get it back. If you’re claiming on damage to your wedding attire or decorations, don’t throw them away – your insurers will want to see the damage themselves. Your insurer will also want to see any relevant paperwork – whether that’s a receipt, a contract, or a bank statement. Then, they’ll pay out so you can replace what’s been lost, recoup your deposit, or reschedule your wedding for a different date.

Some things are always unpredictable – that’s what wedding insurance is for. But there are steps you can take to increase the chance that your big day goes off without a hitch. Make sure your wedding rings and any other important items are stored securely before your celebration. Use trusted suppliers to reduce the chance of being left in the lurch. And if you’re worried about Covid-19 interfering with your wedding, consider asking your most important guests to self-isolate for two weeks beforehand – it’ll be worth it on the day.