Wedding Insurance

Secure your special day with a wedding insurance policy

We know weddings don't come cheap so MoneySuperMarket has joined forces with some of the UK's leading wedding insurance companies to help you protect your special day.

You can get insurance from these companies through MoneySuperMarket, but this doesn’t include every single insurer on the market.

Great for
  • You can apply and pay online
  • Damage or loss of wedding attire, wedding cake and wedding flowers up to £15,000
  • Legal expenses cover up to £10,000
But be aware that
  • You are not covered for weddings in the USA or Canada
  • You can not manage your policy online
Great for
  • You can apply and pay online
  • Public liability cover up to £2,500,000
  • Damage to wedding gifts covered from £2,500 & loss of wedding rings from £2,500
But be aware that
  • Public liability cover is not offered if your ceremony and/or reception are held outside the UK
  • Personal Liability up to £2,000,000

Wedding Insurance

Great for
  • You can apply and pay online
  • Damage or loss to wedding gifts covered up to £4,000
  • Damage to ceremonial attire covered up to £4,000 and loss of wedding rings up to £3,000
But be aware that
  • You cannot manage your policy online
  • Legal expenses cover of up to £6,500
  • Cancellation or rearrangement due to sickness or death covered up to £8,500
Great for
  • You can apply and pay online
  • One-off payment only
  • Tweak your policy with Elective Benefits like Extended Cancellation Cover and Public Liability for Guests
But be aware that
  • Marquee Cover not available on Overseas weddings
  • Cover of up to £2,000 on Wedding Stationery
Great for
  • You can apply and pay online
  • Photo and video coverage up to £750
  • Personal liability cover up to £1,000,000
But be aware that
  • Ceremonial attire, cake and flower cover of £1,000
  • Legal expenses cover of up to £5,000
  • Cover of £1,000 for cancellation by supplier failure

How our site works

Whether you're looking for wedding cancellation insurance or cover for your reception venue use our collection of specialist insurers to compare quotes and find the right policy.

We want to show you as many insurers as possible, so that you can choose what suits you best.  But, we can’t promise to show you every single insurer, because some insurers don’t want to be included on comparison websites.

We think a good wedding insurance policy should cover you for damage to your wedding cake, flowers or outfit. We also think it's important to be covered if you have to cancel or rearrange because of a supplier letting you down, an accident, sickness or death.  We prioritise the companies that include these things in their standard policy, so they appear higher in our list.  The insurers who only offer some of these things in their standard policy appear lower down in the list.

Why buy wedding insurance

With the average wedding now costing on average £21,000, can you really afford to go without wedding insurance? has teamed up with the top UK wedding insurance providers to help you find the right policy for your big day. There are a number of set packages available for you to compare wedding insurance and some providers will even allow you to tailor a policy to suit your individual needs.

The advantages of wedding insurance

As with any insurance, it is there to protect you from the unexpected. If you need to cancel your wedding due to an unexpected illness or extreme weather conditions, then having wedding cancellation insurance will help cover the costs to re-arrange the wedding.

Not only that, but it will cover the cost of wedding vendors such as caterers, photographers or car hire companies who fail to supply. You will also find cover to protect the most important parts of the wedding, the wedding dress and the wedding rings. Costs can be recovered to repair and/or replace these items in the event of damage, loss or even theft.

Additional cover is available for those extra special items such as ceremonial swords, marquees and public liability cover if you decide to have a firework show at night.

What to look out for in a wedding insurance policy

In a difficult economic climate it is not unusual for wedding companies or venues to go bust. Having wedding reception insurance will cover you in the event that the venue for your reception has to cancel. There will be upper limits to the amount the insurer pays out so check this will cover the amount you have paid.

There are a number of policies to compare, differing in price and the coverage they offer. Always read the terms and conditions and pick the policy that suits you best. While wedding insurance will not cover you if either the bride or groom gets cold feet some policies do cover the cost of any counselling that may be required as a result.

Guide to wedding insurance

Finding a cheap wedding insurance policy is not that difficult. However getting the correct coverage for your individual needs can be quite tricky. Read our wedding insurance guide to make sure your new wedding insurance policy ticks all the right boxes.