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Over 80s car insurance

Compare cheap car insurance quotes for drivers over 80


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What does car insurance cover for over 80s?

As a driver over 80 your car insurance should offer the same general cover as a standard policy. It will depend on your insurer and the level of cover you take out, but a fully comprehensive policy should offer protection for:

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    Your vehicle

    You’ll be covered for damage done to your vehicle, whether it’s caused by fire, theft, an explosion or any other insured event

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    Third-party damage

    You’ll also be covered for any damage you do to a third-party, their vehicle or their property

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    Personal accident cover

    Personal accident cover offers a payout if you’re seriously or fatally injured in a road accident

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    Motor legal protection

    Motor legal protection pays out for certain legal fees you might face related to a car insurance claim 

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    Breakdown cover

    Policies with breakdown cover give you access to roadside assistance and sometimes a courtesy car if yours breaks down on the road 

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    Other extras and features

    You’ll also be able to take out extra cover for your windscreen, lost keys, wrong fuel and more

Is car insurance more expensive for over 80s?

Car insurance premiums do tend to rise when you’re in your 80s. Although older drivers are seen as generally safer on the road, the rate of involvement in road accidents does go up for drivers in this age group.

While some insurers have upper age limits on their car cover, plenty of providers offer policies at a reasonable price to drivers over the age of 80. It’s best to shop around and compare quotes as the range of policies available is likely to be more limited for older motorists.

Age band

Average premiums*











*Based on car fully comprehensive with one driver holding a fully UK licence. MoneySuperMarket data collected between January and March 2022, accurate as of April 2022.

How to get cheaper car insurance for drivers over 80

Although you might face increasing car insurance premiums in your 80s, there are always ways you can try and bring the costs down:

  • 1

    Pick a sensible car

    Insurers sort cars into different insurance groups – you can check which yours is in with our tool – and those in lower groups are usually cheaper to insure

  • 2

    Consider pay-as-you-go

    Pay-as-you-go car insurance policies can charge by-the-mile, by-the-hour, or based on how you drive, and could be a way to save money on your insurance

  • 3

    Take out short-term cover

    If you use your car occasionally you could consider short-term cover – which lets you take out car insurance policies for hours, days, or weeks at a time

  • 4

    Pay annually

    It usually works out cheaper if you’re able to pay your car insurance premiums in one go, rather than spreading the cost over 12 months and paying interest

What should I look out for as a driver over 80?

When you’re over 80, there are a few extra things you should think about when buying car insurance:

  • Licence renewal

    Driving licences expire when you turn 70, but you can renew them for free. The DVLA will automatically send you a renewal application form 90 days before your 70th birthday. In most cases, you can continue to drive whilst you wait for your new license

  • Advanced driving courses

    Taking an advanced driving course is a great way  to boost your confidence on the road and brush up on your driving skills.  It also shows insurers you are an advanced driver, so could also help get you cheaper premiums 

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Why compare over 80s car insurance quotes with MoneySuperMarket?

Our mission is to make finding cheap car insurance easier – and when you take out cover with MoneySuperMarket you can benefit from:

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    Everyone deserves to save money – in fact, almost a quarter of people comparing car insurance quotes with us received a MoneySuperMarket price cut in their results*

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    Our car monitor gives you reminders on your road tax and MOT, as well as showing your MOT history and car valuation – helping you stay up to date, so you never miss a renewal

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Sara Newell

Our expert says


Car insurance can be expensive for drivers once they are over the age of 80. Even though older drivers are often the most careful and experienced road users, insurers tend to view the over 80s as high risk and push up premiums. One of the best ways to keep costs down is to reduce your mileage and increase your excess.

- Sara Newell, Motor and Van Insurance Lead

Some insurers specialise in cover for drivers who are over the age of 80. It is worth getting quotes from specialists who may offer policies more tailored to your needs - but it won’t necessarily mean a cheaper quote. Many mainstream insurers will offer cover to older drivers so make sure you search across the market to find the best value deals, remembering that cheapest isn’t always best.

If you have specific health condition or disability that could affect your driving this could mean higher car insurance premiums. The DVLA has a list of conditions that must be disclosed – to the DVLA and to your car insurer – so check its website. You may be asked to have your driving reassessed. But in many cases you will still be permitted to drive and will be able to get insurance through mainstream providers.

As long as you are medically fit to drive and you have a valid driving licence (this must be renewed every three years after the age of 70) then you will be able to get car insurance.

Agreeing to have a black box tracker or similar device attached to your car which will monitor your driving could bring premiums down. Telematics or similar technology is often used for young drivers and those who have recently passed their test, but it can also help older drivers who are seeing premiums rise sharply due to age.

Telematics technology sends information to the car insurer about the driver and their driving habits – including things such as what time of day they drive, how far they drive and how fast. This can all be used by the insurer to assess the risk of an individual motorist. The idea is that safer drivers can bring their insurance premiums down.

There are specialist car insurance policies that might work out cheaper for occasional drivers and those with very low annual mileage.

Telematics or black box technology and pay-as-you-go policies, for example, can bring costs down if you don’t drive very often. It is worth comparing these types of policies against mainstream car insurance to see what suits your needs at the best price.

No. As long as your GP says you are medically fit to drive there are many motor insurers who have no maximum age limit on their policies.

You must surrender your driving licence if your doctor tells you that you need to stop driving for three months or more because of your medical condition.

This might include conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, stroke, sleep apnoea and fainting. There is more information on the DVLA website.

You can reapply for your licence when your doctor agrees you meet the medical standards for driving again.

Most car insurance policies will offer optional add-ons or extras before you make the final purchase, such as breakdown insurance, windscreen cover, lost keys cover and no claims discount protection. Some extras may be useful, but they will push up the total cost of your insurance so it is important to weigh up whether you want them. In some cases, such as with breakdown cover, a standalone policy could work out cheaper.

Some comprehensive car insurance policies may include ‘driving other cars’ (DOC) cover – which gives the driver third party-only cover (cover for any damage to another vehicle, but where you are liable to the full cost of damage to the car you are driving) if they need to drive someone else’s car with their permission, for example in an emergency.

But DOC cover is rare and is not automatically applied on all policies so check the small print of your insurance. Younger drivers, in particular, are not usually allowed DOC cover.

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