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Travel Insurance for Over 60s

The ultimate guide to over 60s travel insurance

Mehdi Punjwani
Written by  Mehdi Punjwani
6 min read
Updated: 12 Mar 2024

Reaching your 60s is a sign for many people to travel and make the best of their later years. Age shouldn’t be a restriction to enjoying time abroad, but it does come with associated risks that you should be aware of - especially when looking for travel insurance. Here’s how you can ensure you’ve got the right cover in place so you can focus on enjoying your travels.

Why do I need over 60s travel insurance? 

Travel insurance is an important part of every holiday no matter how old you are, but it can be particularly crucial for people in their mid-to late 60s due to the higher likelihood of requiring medical attention while abroad. Because of the increased risk of making a claim for medical treatment, and the higher prevalence of pre-existing conditions in this age group, people in this age category will often require specialist travel insurance to cover their holidays. 

This shouldn’t be off-putting - in fact, it should be an encouragement to travel as you get older, knowing there are policies designed to make sure you have the cover you need.  

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What does over 60s travel insurance cover? 

Travel insurance designed for over 60s will offer much of the same cover as a standard policy, such as: 

  • Cancellation, curtailment or delay: If your holiday is cancelled or disrupted as a result of circumstances out of your control, like extreme weather, illness or injury or a redundancy  

  • Emergency medical treatment: If you need emergency medical treatment for illness or injury while abroad, unless it’s for a condition you knew about but didn’t reveal - more on this later 

  • Repatriation: If you need to be brought back to the UK as a result of an injury or illness 

  • Belongings and baggage: If your belongings or luggage is lost, damaged or stolen while abroad 

  • Coronavirus disruption: If COVID-19 causes any disruptions to your holiday, such as if you have to extend your stay as a result of falling ill

What isn’t covered by over 60s travel insurance? 

As with standard travel insurance, there are some instances in which you won’t be able to claim on your policy: 

  • Undisclosed medical conditions: As mentioned above, if you have a known pre-existing medical condition and you don’t tell your insurer, you won’t be able to claim if it flares up while abroad 

  • Uncovered activities: Certain activities and sometimes even their associated equipment won’t be covered under standard policies, so you’ll need extra cover for things like golf, skiing, and diving  

  • Being under the influence: If you injure yourself or lose your belongings while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you won’t be covered  

  • Breaking the law: Injuries or losses sustained from breaking the law will also not be covered by any travel insurance policy  

  • Negligence: You won’t be able to claim for losses, thefts or injuries resulting from carelessness, such as leaving your things unattended or in an unlocked vehicle 

  • Travelling against advice: If government advice is that you shouldn’t travel to a specific location, then most travel insurance providers will not offer cover for this 

  • Changing your mind: If you change your mind and want to cancel your holiday or end it early, this won’t come under your policy coverage  

Will I be covered for pre-existing medical conditions? 

Yes, you can find travel insurance for over 60s that covers pre-existing medical conditions - in fact, this is why over 60s travel insurance exists. These policies often cover a wider array of conditions than standard travel insurance, and sometimes also extend coverage to medication and medical equipment you require for travels.  

The level of cover will depend on your insurer and policy, so it’s important to be honest with your provider and keep them fully informed. It’s worth noting that your cover might be more expensive if you have a pre-existing medical condition, but it’s still much less than the cost of medical treatment in many regions around the world. 

Travel cover with pre-existing medical conditions 

Travel insurance for over 60s lets you explore the world with confidence, even with a pre-existing medical condition such as diabetes or cancer – as long as you tell your insurer about it.  

We can show you prices from a panel of specialist insurers that offer medical travel insurance covering a wide range of medical conditions to ensure you’ll be covered should a condition flare up while you’re away.  

If you're still struggling to find suitable cover, the MoneyHelper website provides a list of specialist insurers to help you get adequate cover, or you can call the British Insurance Brokers Association on 0370 950 1790.

More on medical travel insurance

What medical conditions do you need to declare for travel insurance? 

You should declare all medical conditions regardless of severity when you take out travel insurance - it’s important to ensure your insurer is fully informed and aware before you travel. If you withhold information or lie to your insurer, you’ll likely end up without cover when you need it.  

How much does over 60s travel insurance cost? 

Travellers aged 60 and over can get travel insurance from *£4.99 - keep in mind travel insurance in this age group is often a little more expensive than average. This is due to the higher risk of requiring medical care while abroad, and the associated higher likelihood of making a claim on your travel insurance policy.  

*Based on MoneySupermarket data for an average monthly rate of a single trip travel policy for a 60-64-year old with no pre-existing medical conditions. Prices correct as of 28 February 2024  

What affects the cost of travel insurance for over 60s? 

Your over 60s travel insurance premium are set by insurers after they calculate how much of a claim risk you present. Aside from any pre-existing conditions you might have, they also factor in the following: 

  • Destination: Certain locations are often more expensive when it comes to travel insurance, such as the USA, owing to the relatively high cost of medical treatment compared to countries in Europe  

  • Travel duration: Longer holidays cost more to insure as there is a higher chance of an incident occurring the longer you’re away 

  • Travel frequency: If you’re travelling more than once in the year you might be able to save money with an annual or multi-trip policy to cover all holidays with one policy 

  • Number of travellers: Likewise, if you’re travelling with others, such as a partner, your family, or a group of up to ten, you could save by covering everyone on one policy  

How much is medical insurance for over 60s? 

The cost of travel insurance for those aged over 60s with medical conditions is often higher than average. However, it’s worth the extra cost, as it’s much less than the price of medical treatment without insurance to cover it - which can sometimes reach into the hundreds of thousands. 

Does travel insurance become more expensive after 60? 

Unfortunately, travel insurance does often become more expensive as you get older, and more so as you hit your 60s. This is because insurers see you as more likely to require medical attention or treatment, and possibly also more likely to injure yourself or become ill while abroad. However, it’s a manageable expense compared to the cost of medical treatment or the expense of replacing lost belongings - so it’s worth having. 


What’s considered a pre-existing medical condition? Pre-existing conditions are medical conditions or injuries you’ve been treated for and diagnosed with before you take out your travel insurance policy - including but not limited to the following:  

  • Heart conditions 

  • Strokes  

  • Diabetes 

  • Cancer 

  • Joint and bone issues 

  • High cholesterol  

  • High blood pressure 

  • Epilepsy 

  • Crohn’s disease  

Will over 60s travel insurance cover coronavirus? 

Most insurers offer COVID-19 cover as part of travel insurance policies, but whether it’s included as standard or available as an optional extra depends on the insurer and level of cover you take out. It’s always important to check beforehand when taking out cover to ensure you know what protection you have. 

Will over 60s travel insurance cover golf? 

Yes, you can take out golf cover as an add-on to your over-60s travel insurance policy - it’ll protect your clubs and equipment, as well as any golf course bookings you have, and green fees you’ve paid. 

Does over 60s travel insurance cover cruises? 

You can also take out cruise cover as an addition to your over 60s travel insurance policy. It covers you for medical treatment onboard while out at sea, as well as missed departures, lost or stolen belongings, and other cruise-related incidents. 

Do pensioners get free travel insurance? 

No, pensioners do not get free travel insurance in the UK - but you can get cover designed specifically for seniors and those aged over 60 to provide extra protection against a range of medical conditions.