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1Accurate as of October 2023

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Why compare insurance quotes with MoneySuperMarket?

Whatever cover you’re looking for, the easiest way to find the best policy is by comparing home insurance quotes online. You can compare policies in one simple search on MoneySuperMarket.

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Is home insurance cheaper for over 60s?

Yes, because insurance companies often offer lower prices on home insurance for people aged 60 or over. That’s because statistics show older people are less likely to make a claim and even when they do, it is usually for less than younger people.

Older people also qualify for policies from specialist insurance companies such as SAGA, Age UK and Rias, which means you may be able to find a cheaper policy than you did a few years ago if you’re part of that happy group.

Insurance won’t be cheap if you have a very large home or live in an area with a high crime rate or flood risk, for example. Meanwhile, having lots of previous insurance claims on your record or using your home as a place of business can also push up the cost.

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How much is home insurance for over 60s?

The average cost of a home insurance policy for people aged over 60 is:

  • £99*


  • £51*


  • £125*


*Data collected by MoneySuperMarket, accurate as of November 2021

Tips for even cheaper home insurance

  • Improve home security

    Installing burglar alarms and secure locks can reduce insurance costs – especially if you’re in a burglary hotspot

  • Avoid an empty home

    Unoccupied homes are at a higher risk of being burgled or damaged by fire or escaped water

  • Insulate your pipes

    Insulating pipes reduces the risk of water damage if they freeze and thaw in cold weather

  • Personal accident

    Fitting smoke alarms around your home is essential to keep you safe and it can also save you money through lower premiums

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Unlike some of our competitors, MoneySuperMarket is not owned by an insurance company. So we can offer the best value, with savings delivered straight to you.

By combining independence with our excellent technology, we can negotiate the best prices and the best value on products and services.

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To calculate how much cover you need from your home insurance policy, you’ll need to do two easy sums:

  • First, find out how much it would cost to rebuild your property from the ground up if it was destroyed by a calamity such as fire, flood or a storm. This will usually be less than the market value of the property. Use our guide to working out the rebuild cost of your home.

  • Second, work out the total value of the contents of your home, and how much it would cost to replace every item. Go through each room writing down everything you see and then go online to find out how much it would cost to replace each item.

If you live in a house, you will generally need two types of home insurance:

  • Buildings insurance – which offers financial protection if there is damage to the structure of your home, usually including the fixtures and fittings

  • Contents insurance – which is designed to pay out if your belongings are lost or damaged while inside your home

You can buy theme separately or simply get a combined home insurance policy. That is often the cheapest option if you need both types of cover because insurance companies tend to offer discounts on combined policies.  

If you live in a flat – for example in a retirement village – you may only need to take out contents insurance because buildings insurance is likely to already be included in the yearly service charge you pay.

With most home insurance policies, including over 60s cover, there is a choice of a range of extras you can add, although you will usually have to pay extra for the additional cover. 

  • Popular extras include:

  • Accidental damage cover – it will pay out for damage caused by pets or issues such as dry rot

  • Personal belongings cover – covers your possessions while you’re away from home, such as your watch or smartphone

  • Home emergency cover – can be useful if you have an emergency such as your boiler breaking down

  • Legal protection cover – covers the cost of representation if you become involved in a legal dispute, such as a personal injury case

If you own a caravan, or maybe an expensive bicycle, you may be able to add cover offering protecting for items like these to your over 60s home insurance policy. Some insurers even offer certain extras, such as home emergency cover, for free when you first take out over 60s cover with them – so when shopping around, it’s worth double checking exactly what extras are included.

MoneySuperMarket makes it quick and easy to find a great deal on over 60s home insurance by showing you a list of policies that offer the level of cover you need. 

Just tell us a bit about yourself and your home, whether you are looking for buildings insurance, contents cover or combined home insurance, and if you need any extra types of cover, and we will search the market for the best deals for you. Then all you have to do is choose a policy and click through to the provider to confirm your purchase.

You work hard to earn your money, and we don’t think you should waste a penny of it paying over the odds on your household bills. That’s why at MoneySuperMarket, we’re on a mission to save Britain money.

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So how do we make our money? In a nutshell, when you use us to buy something, we get a reward from the company you’re buying from.

You might be wondering if we work with all the companies in the market, or if our commercial relationships with our partners might make us feature one company above another. We’ve got nothing to hide, and we want to give you clear answers when it comes to questions like these, so we’ve pulled together everything you need to know on this page.

We aim to show you home insurance quotes from as many insurance companies as possible, so that you can find the right policy for you.

Unfortunately, we can’t promise to show quotes from every insurance provider, because not all companies want to be included on comparison websites.

We won’t offer you advice or make a recommendation, but we will provide you with all the information you need to help you decide which is the right policy for you.

You can find out more about how we work here.