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In the vast majority of cases when looking for travel insurance, you will need cover for a return journey. If this is the case, it's easy to compare regular travel insurance deals online and find the level of cover you need at the cheapest price.

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However, in some circumstances, travellers might just be looking for one way travel insurance as they are not heading back to the UK. We don’t sell one-way travel insurance - you’d need to contact an insurance company direct - but if you’re looking for it, it’s worth checking out how it works.

So what does this involve?

What is one-way travel insurance?

As it says on the tin, one way travel insurance covers you for just an outward-bound journey that you make from the UK.

This could be for reasons such as emigrating to live your life in another part of the world with a few stop-offs planned along the way. Alternatively, you may be returning to the country of your origin having spent years living in the UK. Or it might simply be that you plan to come back to the UK but you are not sure of your return date.

In any case, you will need to opt for one way travel insurance.

Can I get one way travel insurance?

Most standard travel insurance deals you will come across when shopping online, apply to traditional holidays or trips that will eventually land you back in the UK.

However most of these standard travel policies can also be taken as one way trip, so long as you contact the insurer and request it. It's always a good idea to get this part of the agreement in writing and have a print out to take with you.

How does one way cover work?

But just like with single trip or annual policies, that will cover you out of the UK and back again, travel insurance for one way trips comes with a time limit by which you should have arrived at your final destination.

Typically maximum cover for one way trip insurance, will last no more than a week from the point of leaving the UK. Bear in mind that cover will cease at the end of this timeframe so it's a good idea to build in some emergency room in case your travel is delayed or you change your plans.

If you take less time than the maximum stated on your policy, cover will automatically lapse 24 hours after arriving at your destination.

What's the difference between one-way travel cover and annual policies?

One way trip insurance is different from annual (or 'multi-trip') travel insurance as this provides cover for individual trips for a period of 12 months - but only if they start from and return to the UK.

One way travel insurance is also different to backpacker (or 'gap year' policies) which cover you for one extended trip to different countries for up to 12 months. But again, ultimately you must be starting from and returning to the UK and be a UK resident.

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