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The average price of car insurance quotes varies in Northern Ireland according to where you live. The most expensive place to insure a car is County Tyrone, with County Down the cheapest.

Like the rest of the UK, younger drivers will pay more for car insurance than older drivers in Northern Ireland. Motorists aged between 17 and 24 traditionally pay much more for car insurance than older drivers – and it’s those 19 or younger that pay the most, over £800 more a year than drivers aged 25 to 29.‡


‡ According to MoneySuperMarket correct as of June 2020

If you live in Northern Ireland, the good news is there are still ways to keep your car
insurance premiums affordable. Here are some top tips to lower your premium:

Don’t auto-renew

Over a third of motorists let their policy renew automatically. Don't be one of them - shop around

Compare quotes

51% of customers who search for car insurance with us could save up to £284* on their premium

Increase your excess

Insurers are likely to reduce the cost of cover if you're willing to increase your excess

Add an older, experienced driver 

Shows insurers that you won’t be solely responsible for the vehicle - but beware of fronting


Earn a lower premium with a telematics policy by showing you can drive safely and sensibly

Pay annually

Insurers charge more when spreading the cost of cover over 12 months, pay annually to save

Pay a higher voluntary excess

Paying a higher voluntary excess shows insurers you won’t bother with frivolous claims

Watch your driving

Earn a no-claims discount by driving carefully and sensibly, bringing your premiums down over time

There are three main types of car insurance:


Fully comprehensive

Fully comprehensive insurance protects you, your car and other motorists from damage. It also covers medical expenses, repairs, fire damage and theft of your vehicle

£559 on average†


Third-party, fire and theft

Third-party, fire and theft policies cover repair costs for other people, their cars and their property, as well as your own vehicle if it’s stolen or damaged by fire

£1,356 on average†


Third-party only

The minimum legal requirement, third-party insurance will only cover any damage you cause to other people, their cars and their property. It won't cover injuries to you or damage to your vehicle

£926 on average†

†Based on all policies sold, according to MoneySuperMarket data between June 2019 and May 2020, accurate of June 2020

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To compare your personalised car insurance quotes, we’ll need some information on the following:


Details of the car

The car’s registration number if you have it to hand. If not, the car make and model is fine. We’ll also need the car’s age and any modifications you’ve made


What you’ll use the car for

Social, commuting or business, and how many miles you think you’ll do a year. You’ll also need to say where you’ll keep the car at night for security


Your details

Including your job, your age and your address


No-claims discount (NCD) history

Details of your no-claims discount will help lower the price you are quoted. Use our no-claims discount tool to find out how many years’ no-claims discount your insurer will honour


Your licence

The type of licence you have and how long you’ve held it. You can also add any additional driving qualifications you have here

Which car insurance brands do we work with?

We compare dozens of the biggest insurance providers in the country, including:

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Is car insurance more expensive in Northern Ireland?

Car insurance in Northern Ireland has historically been more expensive than in the rest of the UK. And although car insurance prices have risen steadily in Northern Ireland, costs have risen faster elsewhere in the UK – making premiums less expensive, relatively speaking.

Data shows that Scotland and Wales both have cheaper insurance than Northern Ireland, but this is perhaps due to the fact Northern Ireland has a statistically younger populace.

Premiums for younger and less experienced drivers – especially those aged between 17 and 24 – are higher because they are statistically more likely to be in an accident or make claims on their car insurance, and because when they do have accidents, they tend to have more passengers.

Does UK car insurance cover Northern Ireland?

Most UK car insurance policies do cover you for driving in Northern Ireland, however it is best to check your policy before you travel.

Can I still get cover if I am moving to Northern Ireland?

If you are planning to move to Northern Ireland, it’s important that you let your insurer know in advance. A change in address represents a significant update, and depending on where you move from and to, your premium could change based on data around road traffic accident and crime rates.

How much is car insurance in Northern Ireland?

The average price of car insurance quotes varies in Northern Ireland according to where you live, how old you are and other factors such as the type of car you have.

What extras can I get on my policy?

When you take out car insurance, you'll be able to find policies with extra features.

However these will increase your premiums, so consider whether you really need the following:

What if I plan to travel to and from Northern Ireland by ferry?

If you’re planning on catching a ferry into and out of Northern Ireland, ferry cover may or may not be included in your policy. And once you’re on board, the cover may differ depending on what your policy states. 

It’s also important to note that if you did breakdown in Northern Ireland, not all breakdown providers will cover the cost of the ferry transportation back, whether you have nationwide recovery or not.

We recommend reading your paperwork before you travel to make sure you’re fully protected and to give yourself peace of mind.

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