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An adequate travel insurance policy is an important purchase for any trip away and a ski holiday is no exception. Due to the nature of a skiing holiday it is important to purchase a specialist cover designed to protect you both on and off the piste.

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Purchasing ski travel insurance will provide you with both the standard level of insurance you would usually take out when going on holiday, such as cover against theft and loss of luggage and delay and cancellation, however it will also give you the additional cover required for the extra expenses associated with a skiing holiday.  

Our price comparison tool will enable you to search and compare a large selection of UK travel insurance companies and help you to find the best ski travel insurance deal for your individual requirements.

What does a ski holiday insurance policy include?

It comes as no surprise that a skiing holiday usually carries more risks than any other type of holiday but why is it so important to take out a specialist ski insurance policy rather than just standard travel insurance?

The chances of injuring yourself skiing compared with lying on a beach are of course much greater and the cost of an on piste rescue and the treatment of broken bones can run into thousands, most ski travel insurance policies will cover for such events.

Likewise the cost of the equipment used when skiing whether hired or owned can be expensive, ski insurance will provide the adequate level of cover for your belongings in case of loss or theft, policies will also provide you cover for smaller items such as loss of ski passes.

It is always important to check when purchasing ski insurance that your policy will provide you with the adequate level of cover for your specific needs. 

Which ski travel insurance policy is right for me?

When choosing your policy consider the length of time the insurance is required for, whether it is just a short break on the slopes or a lengthy trip for the season and where you are travelling to, the level of cover required will differ between the UK, Europe and further afield to long haul destinations.

Always ensure you check the policy will include everything you want to do whilst you are there, many people are not aware but there is cover designed specifically for snowboarding holidays, if you intend to do more of this than skiing, snowboarding travel insurance may be more suitable for you.

Likewise if you prefer to enjoy a more general kind of winter holiday which may include a variety of different sports a winter sports travel insurance may be more suitable for you to give you a more all round level of cover.

It is also worth keeping in mind that particularly dangerous activities such as off-piste skiing may not be covered in standard policies and a more comprehensive policy will need to be taken out if you are planning on taking part in the more adrenaline fuelled winter sports.

Saving money on ski travel insurance

The most important factor when choosing your policy is to ensure it has the right cover levels for you, whilst it might be tempting to go for the cheapest policy available it is important the policy comes with an excess level you can afford to pay. Whilst this may prove the cheapest option at the outset, an excess that is too high can prove costly when you return home should something go wrong.

Compare a number of different policies based upon the level of cover you require as well as their cost effectiveness to enable you to get the best deal whilst ensuring you have the peace of mind that should something happen whilst you are away you are adequately protected.

To compare cheap ski travel insurance now and help you to get the best deal for your skiing holiday click on the link below.

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