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What is family travel insurance?

Family travel insurance is a type of travel insurance that will cover all of your family under one policy. If you're planning a holiday with the kids, this can be a great alternative to buying separate policies for each family member. It's easier to manage and can even work out cheaper in some cases.

Family travel insurance typically covers one or two adults and up to eight children under 18. While you're covered by the policy, you'll be protected against all sorts of misfortunes that might commonly happen while you're travelling, like lost luggage or medical emergencies.

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What's covered by family travel insurance?

Travel insurance policy inclusions and exclusions vary. The following information provides a general overview of common travel insurance inclusions and exclusions. Always read your policy documents thoroughly to understand what is and isn't covered before your trip.

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    • Disruptions and cancellations: This could help if you have to cancel or cut your holiday short. Depending on your policy, you can claim for all sorts of disruptions to your travel or living arrangements, such as involuntary abandonment or missed departures, delayed flights, cancelled flights or accommodation, or a curtailed trip

    • Medical treatment abroad: If you or a member of your family falls ill or has an accident, travel insurance offers medical cover which can cover some or all of the cost for emergency medical treatments abroad

    • Repatriation: If you need to end your trip in the case of an emergency, travel insurance will help you cover the cost of arranging your repatriation

    • Legal cover: There are certain kinds of legal fees that your provider may cover. For example, if you are found liable for injuring someone accidentally or causing property damage

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    Not covered

    • Airline strikes: It's usually the responsibility of the airline to compensate travellers if flights are cancelled or delayed due to airline strikes, although travel insurance can still compensate you for accommodation in some cases if you're stuck without transport

    • High-risk activities: Travel insurance doesn't normally cover you for any potential dangerous activities. While you can get cover for some activities with optional adventure sports cover, there are some high-risk activities that providers won't cover altogether

    • Alcohol or drugs: Your travel insurance won't cover you for any incidents that happen while you're under the influence of drugs or alcohol

    • Children travelling without parents: Most family travel insurance policies will only cover children while they're travelling with their parents and won't cover unaccompanied children or non-family members

What types of family travel policy can I get?

Depending on the types of holidays you plan to take with your family and how many holidays you want cover for, there are different types of family travel insurance policies that you can choose from that will tailor your cover to your needs.

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    Single trip

    Single trip policies cover for holidays of up to three months to a single destination. This is a good option to cover summer holidays or and is usually preferred by families that don't travel frequently throughout the year

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    Annual multi-trip

    Multi-trip policies will cover you for any holidays you take over the course of 12 months. If your family frequently travels throughout the year, multi-trip policies may work out cheaper than single trip

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    Long stay

    Long stay policies will cover you for trips up to 18 months and can cover multiple destinations in a single trip. This policy is great option if you're planning for long holidays with lots of travelling

How much does family travel insurance cost?

The cost of travel insurance isn't the same for everyone. There are a number of different factors that are going to affect the price of your family travel insurance policy.

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    Type of policy

    Single trip policies are generally the cheapest but if you're planning several holidays, multi-trip or long stay might be cheaper than buying several single trip policies

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    Your holiday destination

    Holiday destination will usually affect the price of your travel insurance. This is partly because medical fees are more expensive in some countries

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    Optional cover

    Most providers will offer you a range of add-ons to extend your cover for certain activities or situations. Adding these options to your policy will make your policy more expensive

  • Plus

    Medical conditions

    Having a pre-existing medical condition may increase the cost of your travel insurance. However, you will invalidate your policy if you don't tell your provider about any pre-existing conditions

  • Plus

    Trip length

    With a single trip or a long-stay travel insurance policy, the length of the trip you're planning will affect the cost of your travel insurance

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    Excess is an amount that you agree to contribute when you make a claim. A higher excess will make your policy cheaper but will cost you if you make a claim

What are the benefits of choosing family travel insurance?

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There are a number of benefits to taking out a family travel insurance policy rather than separate policies for different family members:

  • Convenience: It's a lot easier to manage a policy that covers multiple people than several single policies

  • Cheaper: It can be cheaper to take out a group policy if you have multiple children that need cover

  • Kid-free travel: Some annual policies will cover parents travelling without their children during the year

  • Free cover for young children: Some policies will cover children under a certain age for free

Whether or not these benefits will apply to you depends on your circumstances and your chosen policy. It's important that you read your policy documents carefully when you apply for travel insurance and speak to your provider if necessary to find out exactly what your policy will cover.

Can you travel alone with family travel insurance?

Yes, but it depends on what type of policy you purchase. If you buy annual multi trip family travel insurance, every adult on the policy over 18 is insured to travel independently. You don't all have to go away together at the same time.

Single trip family travel insurance policies will not cover solo travellers because the policy is designed to cover one family holiday.

Children under 18 must travel with an adult named on the policy with each type of family travel insurance.

Terms may vary per provider, so it's very important that you read your policy documents carefully to find out whether you have cover for solo holidays included with your policy.

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Kate Hughes

Our expert says


Travel insurance is often at the bottom of a long to-do list when it comes to holidaying with the kids, even if we all know it should be a priority.

Take some time to work out the best deal for your circumstances. Larger families, with several children, may benefit more on the cost-saving from a family travel insurance policy than those with one child.

Try to work out how often you’ll travel as a family in a 12-month period too. The big summer holiday may take all the glory, but if there’s a chance of a couple of other trips, then an annual policy may work out cheaper than single trip cover.

- Kate Hughes, Money & Savings Expert

What countries can I travel to with family travel insurance?

Here are the two main options for family travel insurance cover:

Add policy extras to match your family travel needs

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    Winter sports cover

    Provides cover for medical treatment or high-value equipment related to your winter sports activities such as skiing or snowboarding.

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    Gadget travel cover

    Protect your gadgets while travelling such as your phone, laptop, tablet or gaming handhelds if they are damaged, lost, or stolen

  • Plus

    Cruise cover

    Includes activities and risks associated with cruises, including medical treatment needed while on board

  • Plus

    Passport cover

    In case your passport is lost it’s stolen while you’re away, passport cover helps you obtain an Emergency Travel Document (ETD) to minimise disruption on your holiday.

How can I get cheaper family travel insurance?

There are a few steps that you can take when shopping for family travel insurance that can help you cut down the cost of your policy:

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    Increase your excess

    Get cheaper insurance by increasing your excess

  • annual icon

    Consider annual cover

    If you travel more than twice a year, an annual multi-trip policy can be a great money-saving option

  • shopping cart icon

    Shop around

    There's lots of choice out there when it comes to policies. You can find some of the best deals by shopping around

  • scales icon

    Choose the right policy type

    Certain policies may be cheaper depending on your circumstances. Find the one that's right for you

  • thumbs up icon

    Consider optional extras

    Optional add-ons can enhance your coverage, but it’s worth checking whether they're already covered by other policies.

  • stopwatch

    Be mindful of trip length

    With single trip cover, your premiums reflect the length of your trip, so don’t pay more than you need.

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Some age limits will apply to qualify for a family travel insurance policy. For children included in the policy, there is an age limit of 18 years old. If they are over 18 years of age, they will need to have a separate travel insurance policy.

For parents, there isn't typically an age limit but some providers may have upper age limits for their annual multi-trip policies.

It's not typical that family travel insurance policies cover nieces or nephews, but some providers may allow it. Most travel insurance providers require the policy holder and the children covered to permanently live together while others may require the policy holder to be a legal guardian.

This means that you can add biological children as well as step children, foster children, and adopted children to the policy. Whether or not you can add non-immediate family members or unrelated children will depend on your chosen provider and your living arrangements.

Yes. A pre-existing condition shouldn't stop you or your family from getting cover. However, it can make travel insurance more expensive.

Most travel insurance providers are willing to cover minor pre-existing conditions for an extra cost. However, if you or any of your family members has a severe condition – one that may require you to bring medical equipment or seek medical care while you're abroad – you may need to buy a specialist travel insurance policy. Special travel insurance for pre-existing conditions is more expensive than a standard policy but providers of these policies are are more willing to cover serious medical conditions and may even offer you extra cover for your medical needs.

GHIC will allow you to get medical care at state-run hospitals and GPs in the EU. This primarily covers emergency care but in some cases you can use your GHIC for help with pre-existing conditions or pregnancy complications while you're abroad.

While the GHIC is a valuable resource that you should take with you while you travel, it cannot replace the cover provided by a family travel insurance policy.

Family travel insurance can cover you for care outside of the EU and also provide protection for your belongings, for the money you spend on accommodation and activities, and can cover the cost of repatriation if an emergency requires you to return home.

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