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Here at MoneySuperMarket we put together a Guide Index designed to help you provide the best care for your furry friend. Have a browse through our pet insurance guides to help you find the right policy that fits your needs.

Our Top Pet Insurance Guides

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Accident only pet insurance

Cover for your pet if they’re in an accident

Adopting a pet

Read our guide on what to consider when adopting a pet

Cost of a horse

How much does a horse cost?

Halloween pet safety tips

How to keep your pets safe on Halloween

Horse insurance

Compare cheap horse insurance quotes

Horse rider insurance

Compare horse rider insurance

How much are puppy injections?

Read about vaccinations for your puppy

How much does a pet cat actually cost?

Read more about the real cost of a pet cat

How much is pet insurance?

Find out more about pet insurance costs

Lifetime pet insurance guide

All you need to know about lifetime pet insurance

Microchipping your pet

Read about the benefits of microchipping your pet

Multi-pet insurance

Get a multi pet policy for all your pets

Pet insurance for older cats

Find cover for older felines

Pet insurance for older dogs

Find cover for dogs of an older age

Pet insurance for pre-existing conditions

Find specialist pet insurance for pre-existing medical conditions

Pet passports

All you need to know about pet passports

Preparing your home for a cat

Find out how you can make your home cat friendly

Preparing your home for a dog

Our guide to making your home dog friendly

Rabbit insurance

Rabbit insurance quotes

See why you need pet insurance?

Pet insurance quotes

The Dangerous Dogs Act

What is the Dangerous Dogs Act?

Travelling with your pet

A guide to taking your pet on holiday

Vet Bills

What vet bills does my pet insurance cover?

Which breed of cat is right for you?

Find the right cat for you and insure your pet

Which breed of dog is right for you?

Find the right dog for you and insure your pet

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