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Multi-Car insurance

Could you save money with multi-car insurance?

published: 24 December 2020
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If your household has more than one car, you might save time and money by covering them all together

If you’ve got more than one car in your household, insuring them all on one policy is a great way to get a discount. Here’s how you could save money with multi car insurance.

What is multi car insurance?

Multi car insurance allows you to insure two or more cars on a single policy with the same provider. You’ll get all the benefits of a standard car insurance policy, plus a discount for every car added to the policy.

You can also get multi car breakdown cover that protects all drivers and cars on the policy.


How does multi car insurance work?

Not all multi car policies work the same way - there are two main types:

  • Linked policies: This way each of your cars has their own policy, so you can decide on individual levels of cover and add-ons for each, but all policies are linked under your name

  • One policy for multiple cars: The alternative would be to have all of your cars on one single policy, and in most cases, this means the cover will be the same for each

Who is eligible for multi car?

As the name implies, multi car insurance is for anyone who has more than one car in their household. For example, you could benefit from a multi car policy if:

  • You’re a couple or family living together with two or more cars

  • You’re a couple living at individual addresses but you each have a car

  • You’re a family with children who are living somewhere else in the UK and have their own car

Are multi car policies cheaper?

Multi car insurance policies are designed to be a cheaper and more convenient option – so in general you should expect a discount in premiums. However keep in mind that the insurance group each car is in will also be a factor – and adding more expensive cars or those in higher groups will call a big jump in your premiums, even if it’ll be cheaper than insuring each car separately.

How does multi car discount work?

Insuring multiple cars on one policy will reward you with a multi car discount for every car you add.You’ll get an immediate discount when the policy starts and every car you add earns its own discount. You can earn even more discounts by adding friends and family to the policy.

What is covered by multi car insurance?

There’s no standard list for what’s included in a multi car policy. Some will cost extra, so make sure you only add and pay for what you really need.

Which level of cover do I need?

There are three levels of cover to choose from for your multi car insurance policy:

  • Fully comprehensive: A fully comprehensive car insurance policy will cover you for damage, repairs, medical expenses, fire damage and theft, as well as damage done to someone else, their car or their property

  • Third-party, fire and theft:Third-party, fire and theft policies offer cover for other people, their vehicles and their property, as well as protection for your own vehicle if it’s stolen or damaged by fire

  • Third-party only:Third-party only car insurance is the least comprehensive type of cover available, and it’s the minimum legal requirement you must meet to drive on UK roads. It’s also usually the most expensive of the three

What do I need to get a multi car quote?

To get a multi car insurance quote, you’ll need to provide:

  • Personal details: Date of birth, address and occupation for you and any other named drivers. You’ll also need to provide your driving licence information

  • Claims history: Any past claims or accidents and the number of no claim discount (NCD) years you and any named drivers have

  • Car details: Like the engine size, estimated mileage and where you keep it overnight

Can I add vans or motorbikes to a multi car policy?

You won’t be able to add vans or motorcycles to your multi car insurance policy – you’ll need to take out separate van or motorcycle insurance.

Will I be able to drive all cars on the policy?

Yes, you can have multiple named drivers as well as multiple cars on your policy – though check with your insurer to see how this would impact your cover or premiums.

Will my NDB be affected if a claim is made?

The no-claims-discount belongs to the main driver on the policy, so if you’re adding another driver and they make a claim, this will affect the main driver’s discount.

Do the cars need to be at the same address?

This depends on your insurer and their policy. Some insurers will cover vehicles that are kept away from the main home for part of the year, but others will specify that they have to live at the same address. Check the policy wording before you buy.

What happens to my car insurance renewal?

If you have linked car insurance policies, they’ll likely have different renewal dates, but if you have one policy for all then the renewal dates should align.

It may be that you have a single car insurance policy to which you can add multiple other cars – in this case, the renewal dates for each additional car should also align with the original date on the policy.

However as with any kind of insurance policy it’s likely to differ between providers, so be sure to check your policy documents to understand how it applies to you.

What extras can I get?

Additional cover you may consider adding include:

  • Breakdown cover, which gives you access to roadside assistance if your car breaks down

  • Windscreen cover, which lets you claim for the cost of replacing a cracked or shattered windscreen

  • Legal cover, which will pay out for certain legal costs related to a claim by you or another party

  • Driving abroad cover, which insures you for taking your car overseas and driving in the EU 

  • Courtesy car cover, which provides a replacement vehicle for you to use while yours is in repair

  • Personal accident cover, which pays out in the event that you’re injured or killed in a road accident 

  • Replacement keys, which covers the cost of replacing a set of keys if they’re lost, damaged or stolen

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