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Car Insurance Group Checker

Simon Read
Written by  Simon Read
Updated: 30 Apr 2023

Key Takeaways

  • There are 50 car insurance groups

  • The lower your car insurance group is, the cheaper your insurance is likely to be

  • Every car in the UK is allocated an insurance group

  • You can check what insurance group is online before you buy a new car

Find out which car insurance group your car is in

Every car in the UK is allocated an insurance group to help insurers work out how much to charge you for cover. The groups start at 1 for the cheapest cover rising to 50 for the most-expensive cover.

Put your car registration number into our group checker to see where your car sits.

Or find your car by make and model
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Your car

Your car insurance group

Group 8/50


This car is among the lower insurance groups which should be good news for your premium. Cars in lower groups are typically cheaper to insure.

This car ranks in the middle insurance groups so it isn’t among the cheapest cars to insure, but it won’t be one of the most expensive.

This car is towards the higher end of the scale which means it could be relatively expensive to insure.

What do car insurance groups mean?

If you’re buying a car it’s worth checking which insurance group it falls into, which is true whether you’re buying new or second-hand. Doing so can give you an idea how much it’s going to cost to insure the vehicle. Generally, the lower the group the car is included in, the cheaper the premium will be. That is because cars in the lower insurance groups tend to be smaller, less powerful and less valuable. It means they don’t cost as much or take as long to repair if you’re involved in an accident, for example.

Car insurance group

Average annual premiums

1 to 10


11 to 20


21 to 30


31 to 40


41 to 50


What else will affect my premium?

Insurance companies take a range of factors into account when working out the cost of your premium – not just the insurance group of your car – so it's always worth comparing car insurance quotes to find the cheapest deal.

They will want to know your age, your driving history, occupation, where you live, where you keep your car and how you plan to use your car – for example, whether it’s for commuting or purely for social use. An insurer will also want to know roughly how many miles you might drive in a year. Security features and a no-claims bonus are relevant too, as they can help cut the cost of premiums.

Insurers use the information to work out your individual risk and quote a price for your insurance.

Our expert says

"Choosing a car that's in a lower insurance group can be a good way to cut the cost of insurance, but should not be the main reason for choosing a car. You should concentrate on finding the right vehicle that will suit your driving needs. If you’re only planning on driving short distances, then a smaller-engined, less powerful car could make a lot of sense, and it will be in a lower insurance group."

Simon Read, Personal Finance expert

Find out which cars are in the first 10 insurance groups

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  1. Based on the median annual price of comprehensive car insurance policies sold through MoneySuperMarket in April 2024, with one driver who has held their licence for at least one year.