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Whether you want the latest model or a SIM-only deal, MoneySuperMarket has a huge range of leading networks, mobile phones and contracts for you to choose from.

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All you need to know when comparing mobile phone deals

We’ll run you through the most important factors you should think about, so you can make sure you find the best handset on the best plan for your needs. If you want an affordable phone deal, compare mobile phones with MoneySuperMarket.

How to compare mobile phones

Whichever type of mobile phone deal you’re looking for, our comparison service allows you to find the right phone and package for your needs.

When you compare mobile phones with MoneySuperMarket, you can search and filter for the exact phone and plan that you want. The following search criteria will help you compare:

• Plan type: contract phone or SIM-only
• Phone model
• Price
• Data, minutes and text limits
• Features – phone condition, storage, colour
• Network provider
• 5G-only
• Contract length
• Freebies and incentives
• Resellers

After filtering your search for your needs, you will be presented with a selection of our best deals for you. You can then compare the features and decide which deal you’d like to go ahead with.

How to get a cheaper mobile phone deal?

  • Switch outside your contract: To avoid paying a cancellation fee
  • Calculate how much data and how many minutes and texts you need: You don’t want to pay for more than you’ll use, but if you go over your limit, it could get expensive as you’ll be charged for using extra
  • Look for add-ons: If you make a lot of international calls or think you’ll need to top up your data, look for add-ons that can save you money
  • Check the network: Make sure there’s good reception in your area for the network you’ve picked
  • Get money for your old handset: There are many online-based companies that take old mobile phones in exchange for cash


What’s the difference between a contract phone and SIM-only plan?

There are three choices when it comes to mobile phone contracts:

  • Monthly contract: You pay a monthly fee for a new phone and an allowance of calls, texts and data. With a monthly contract mobile phone deal, you’ll be tied to a network provider by a contract that usually lasts between 12 and 24 months
  • SIM-only deals: As the name suggests, with a SIM-only deal you will get a new SIM card and contract but not a new phone. These are typically either a one-month rolling contract or a 12-month contract
  • SIM-free deals: With a SIM-free deal, you only pay for what you use. You must top up your credit when you run out, or you won’t be able to make or send any texts or calls

What phone contract is best for me?

The type of phone that’ll be more suited to you will depend on a few factors, but as a rough guide, you’ll be more suited to a monthly contract if:

  • You use your mobile phone a lot
  • You want to spread the cost of buying the latest phone

However you might be better off with a SIM-only deal if you have a phone you want to keep, but want a better price. You might consider a SIM-free deal if:

  • You don’t use your mobile phone very often
  • You don’t want to be tied to a contract
  • You can’t get a contract due to a poor credit rating

Do I have to pay an upfront cost for a contract phone?

Put simply, it depends which phone you pick. All phone plans come with either an upfront cost or no upfront cost. New models will usually require a payment upfront as a contribution to the contract plan.

Do I own my phone after contract?

If you have a contract phone and the contract ends, it means you've paid off your handset and it belongs to you. This gives you the flexibility to choose a SIM-only or pay-as-you-go deal to continue using your phone.

Do you have to turn in your old phone when you get an upgrade?

You choose whether you keep your old phone or not. It could be a good idea to keep your old device as a back-up phone in case something happens to your new one. Alternatively, you could sell your old handset.

Is it better to pay upfront or monthly for a phone?

If you can afford to, buying the handset at the cheapest price you can find and pairing it with a cheap SIM-only deal is a great option. It’s often cheaper over two years than getting a contract with a network and gives you flexibility to choose which network and plan suits you best.

Can I get a phone contract with bad credit?

When you take out a new phone contract your credit score will be checked by the contract provider. There is no minimum credit score required to get a mobile phone, but each network operator will score you differently and there is a possibility you could be rejected for a contract if you have a bad score. To check your credit score, use our credit monitor.

What happens if I’m rejected for a phone contract?

Here are some options if you’ve been rejected for a mobile phone contract.