Windscreen cover and car insurance

Does your car insurance policy include windscreen cover?

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Read our guide to find out whether it’s worth adding windscreen cover to your car insurance policy.

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Chips in the windscreen are a common problem and can occur in a number of different ways – a piece of gravel flying up from the road, for instance – but if bigger than one centimetre, they could cause you to fail your MOT.

It’s easy to get a crack or chip in your windscreen on the UK’s busy roads, and it can lead to costly repairs. Not to mention cracks are dangerous, as they often damage the integrity of the windscreen and structure of the car itself.

While you may think it isn’t worth your time (or no claims bonus) fixing a small crack, they can quickly develop into a bigger problem – and replacing a weakened windscreen is much more expensive than properly fixing a crack.

Don’t assume you are covered

It is worth finding out if your policy includes windscreen cover, as this can help keep the costs down should you get a chip or crack.

When you have comprehensive cover, your windscreen is probably covered much the same way the rest of your car is covered. But if you don’t have specific windscreen cover, then you will likely need to pay the full excess and risk losing your no claims bonus.

Depending on your policy, windscreen cover could come as standard or as an optional added extra, or you might not be covered at all. But it could be an expensive assumption, should you not find out.  

Even those companies who offer full windscreen cover will have different terms, so it is always important to read the small print with care before buying any policies.

What is windscreen cover?

Windscreen cover allows you to replace the damaged glass without having to pay a large excess, should you get a cracked, chipped or broken windscreen.

You should receive a specific emergency number to call in the event your windscreen is damaged.

It’s important to use an approved repairer as the amount you get reduced from your excess might vary if they aren’t on the specific list.

If you fail to get it repaired within a certain timeframe you may risk becoming exempt from cover and invalidating your insurance as the insurer could see that the repair could have been done at a cheaper rate had the call been made earlier.

Windscreen cover can cost as little as around £30 a year and provides protection for all the glass sections on your car. When compared to the cost of repairing a windscreen (£50-90) or replacing a broken windscreen (in some cases costing hundreds of pounds), it can be an investment worth making.

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