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Shopping for home insurance can be confusing and, at times, daunting. To help you get the best deal on your home insurance, read our home insurance guides - covering everything from finding the right policy to suit you, to lowering your premiums with our top tips.

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Accidental damage caused by children

Is damage from children covered by home insurance?

Accidental damage home insurance

Protect your home against accidental damage costs

Acts of God home insurance

What is an Act of God?

Alternative accommodation insurance

Insurance to provide alternative accommodation

Annual vs monthly home insurance

Is it more expensive to pay home insurance monthly?

Barbecue insurance

Compare cheap insurance quotes for your barbecue

Bicycle insurance

Compare bicycle insurance options and prices with Protect Your Family

Buildings Insurance

Compare cheap buildings insurance quotes

Burglary and home insurance

How burglary and theft can affect your home insurance

Burst pipe and water leak insurance

Home insurance for a burst pipe and water damage

Cancelling home insurance

How to cancel your home insurance

Combined contents and buildings insurance

Is it best to get contents and buildings insurance together?

Contents Insurance

Compare home contents insurance quotes

Contents calculator

Calculate the value of your contents

Contents insurance single item limit

Understanding the ‘single item limit’ on your contents insurance

Council house insurance

Do I need insurance if I live in a council house?

Cracks in walls

All you need to know about cracks in walls

Electric bicycle insurance

Compare electric bicycle insurance options and prices with Protect Your Family

Engagement and wedding ring insurance

Insurance for engagement and wedding rings

Five-bedroom homes

Compare cheap home insurance quotes for five bedroom homes

Flat insurance

Find buildings and contents cover for your flat

Flat roof insurance

Find cover for your home if it has a flat roof

Flood Re

What is Flood Re?

Four bedroom home insurance

Compare home insurance for a four bedroom home

Gadget insurance

Get cheap insurance for your gadgets

Garage insurance

What is garage insurance?

Garden insurance guide

Compare home insurance quotes to protect your garden

Garden security guide

The guide to garden security

Handbag insurance

Compare home insurance quotes to protect your handbag

Home Insurance Guide

All you need to know about home insurance

Home appliance insurance

Compare home appliances insurance quotes

Home emergency cover

Find cover for emergency situations at home

Home fire insurance

How to insure your home against fire damage

Home insurance and burglar alarms

Does a burglar alarm reduce the cost of home insurance?

Home insurance and coronavirus

Home insurance and coronavirus – what you need to know

Home insurance and excess

Paying excess on your home insurance

Home insurance and home security

Does my home security affect my home insurance?

Home insurance calculator

How to calculate the cost of your home insurance policy

Home insurance claims guide

How to make a claim on your home insurance

Home insurance for collectors

Protect your collections with home insurance

Home insurance for expensive contents

Compare high-value contents insurance

Home insurance glossary

Home insurance made simpler with our glossary

Home insurance invalidation

What do you do if your home insurance claim is rejected?

Home insurance legal protection

Adding legal protection cover to your home insurance

Home insurance policy types

Compare home insurance policies

Home insurance renewal

Should I let my home insurance auto-renew?

Home insurance with criminal convictions

Getting home insurance with a criminal record

Home insurance with prior claims

Do previous claims affect home insurance premiums?

House locks and home insurance, explained

How house locks affect your home insurance

How much is my house worth?

Why it pays to know the value of your house

Insurance for buying a house

What insurance you need when you buy a home

Insurance for pet damage

Insuring your home against damage caused by pets

Insurance for vandalism

Home insurance for vandalism and malicious damage

Insurance for your art

Do you need specialist contents insurance for your art collection?

Insuring your plants

Compare cheap plant insurance quotes

Insuring your wardrobe

Compare home insurance to cover your clothes

Is my house insured?

How to find out whether your home is insured

Japanese knotweed insurance

How Japanese knotweed affects your home insurance

Jewellery Insurance

Compare jewellery insurance quotes

Leasehold buildings insurance

Do leaseholders need to pay buildings insurance?

Listed building insurance

Home insurance for listed buildings

Lodgers insurance

Everything you need to know about insurance for lodgers

Lost parcels and home contents insurance

What can you do if your parcel gets lost?

Money saving tips

Home insurance savings tips

Moving home checklist

Your step-by-step checklist for moving into a new home

Neighbour damage insurance

Home insurance for damage caused by your neighbours

New home insurance

Home insurance for a new home

New-build home insurance

Find affordable buildings insurance for your new-build home

New-for-old contents insurance

Compare contents insurance quotes with new for old cover

No-claims discount

How your home insurance no-claims discount works

Non-standard construction home insurance

Find affordable cover for a non-standard property

Odd things covered by home insurance

Odd things covered by home insurance

Over 50s home insurance

Compare over 50s home insurance quotes

Over 60s home insurance

Compare over 60s home insurance quotes

Over 70s home insurance

Getting home insurance when you’re over 70

Over 80s home insurance

Compare quotes for over 80s home insurance

Personal possessions home insurance

Protect your belongings when you take them outside the home

Plumbing and drainage cover

Do you need home insurance for your plumbing?

Proof of purchase and contents insurance

Proof of purchase and contents insurance

Rebuild cost calculator

How to work out the rebuild cost of your home

Renovation insurance

Will my home insurance be affected by home improvements?

Second home insurance

How to insure your second home

Self build insurance

Compare cheap home insurance quotes for self-build properties

Shared home contents insurance

Find contents insurance quotes for shared housing

Shed insurance

Compare cheap shed insurance quotes

Short-term home insurance

Compare cheap short-term home insurance quotes

Solar panels and home insurance

Are solar panels covered by home insurance?

Specialist home insurance

Cheap home insurance for specialist properties

Storage insurance

What is storage insurance?

Storm damage insurance

Compare storm damage insurance

Student contents insurance

Get cheap quotes for student home insurance

Subsidence home insurance

Does your home insurance cover subsidence?

Temporary home insurance

Get cheap quotes for temporary home insurance

Tenants' insurance

How can I save money on my tenants’ insurance?

Thatched roof home insurance

Compare insurance quotes for a home with a thatched roof

The consequences of being underinsured

The average clause explained

Three-bedroom home insurance

Compare three bedroom home insurance quotes

Top tips for moving home

Get top tips for moving home

Trace and access cover

What is trace and access insurance?

Two-bedroom house insurance

Compare home insurance for a two bedroom house

Underpinned house insurance

Will my buildings insurance cover underpinning my home?

Unoccupied property home insurance

Insuring your home when it’s unoccupied

What is flood insurance?

Protecting your home against the risk of flooding

What to do if your home is burgled?

Here’s what you should do if you think your home has been burgled

When was my house built?

Find out how the age of your home can affect your insurance

Working from home insurance

Insurance for working from home