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If you are lucky enough to have booked a cruise, taking out cruise insurance rather a single or multi-trip travel insurance policy might be an option worth considering.

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What is cruise insurance?

Cruise insurance provides cover if you are planning on going on holiday for longer than 30 to 60 days (the usual limit for single trip cover). It offers protection for a variety of sports and activities throughout a range of countries across the world. 

Why is it important to get cruise insurance?

A cruise is likely to last a lot longer than a typical fortnight's holiday. In fact, with some more far-flung cruises, you could be at sea for months at a time, or even for a full calendar year in some cases.

However, most single-trip travel insurance policies come with time limits for the duration of each holiday, typically of between 30 and 60 days.

Even an annual travel insurance policy may not fit the bill as, while you can take as many trips as you like under this cover for a period of 12 months, each individual trip carries a maximum duration, typically of around 56 days.

The very nature of a cruise means you will be visiting a whole host of countries. Your travel insurance policy will therefore have to be worldwide and - even then - you will need to check the small print to ensure every country you visit is covered.

It is common for insurers to add an exclusion around countries in a state of political unrest, so do your research before travelling to make sure you will be covered for the destinations on your cruise itinerary.

Traditionally, cruise-lovers also tend to be older travellers - although this type of holiday is now becoming popular with families of all ages. For most standard holiday insurance policies, whether single trip or multi-trip (which is the same as annual cover), premiums will rocket for applicants over a certain age, typically 65, and some applicants will simply be refused cover by some insurers.

In turn, older people are also more likely to have pre-existing medical conditions - something that could also see them refused under a standard travel insurance policy.

Finally, cruises tend to incorporate the chance to partake in sports and activities, such as jungle trekking, scuba diving and kayaking, when making your different ports-of-call. It may be the case that not all of these are covered under a regular holiday insurance deal.

However, some travel insurers will permit applicants to 'bolt on' cruise travel and other extras to a standard policy, so look what's detailed in the terms and conditions and make sure it matches with your trip.

Other benefits of cruise insurance

In most cases, comparing deals from insurers that specialise solely in cruises is the best option for finding the right cover for your holiday. The benefits of taking out a policy include:

  • Full cancellation cover if the cruise is postponed or cancelled due to bad weather
  • Lost luggage
  • Theft
  • Public liability and emergency repatriation cover
  • Medical cover - usually around £2-4 million.

Another important benefit of specialist cruise insurance is that it offers extended cover for older people - for example up to 365 days for travellers of up to 89 years old, and up to 180 days for travellers who are aged 90 or over. All pre-existing conditions will also usually be considered, but do check the small print.

Cruising with your EHIC

If your cruise is within the European Economic Area (the free trade zone between the countries in the European Union which also includes Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein), apply for your European Health Insurance Card and pack it in your case.

The EHIC (which replaces the old E111 paper) will give you access to free or reduced cost emergency medical care and treatment in the countries listed above.

However, only a certain level of care will be offered with the card and it won't provide cover for other unforeseen events such as cancellations, lost luggage or emergency repatriation in the event of a serious accident.

As such, the EHIC is no replacement for fully comprehensive cruise holiday insurance but should instead be used to compliment it.

To compare cruise travel insurance and find a great deal, please click on the link below or use the 'Get a quote now button' above.

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