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Short term car insurance

Find short-term cover for your car with MoneySuperMarket

Short term car insurance can be a cost-effective alternative to an annual policy

By Mehdi Punjwani

Published: 29 June 2020

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What is short-term car insurance?

Short-term car insurance, also known as temporary car insurance, gives you temporary cover for driving a car. It can be a cheaper alternative to annual cover if you don’t need insurance for the full year.

How long does short-term car insurance cover me for?

Short-term car insurance usually lasts between one hour and 30 days, but some policies can extend to several months.

Do I need short-term car insurance?

You could benefit from a short-term car insurance policy if you’re in need of temporary cover – for example, if you’re:

  • Only using a car for a short while so you can learn to drive
  • Hiring a vehicle for a few days, for example if you’re going on a road trip
  • Collecting or delivering a vehicle that belongs to someone else
  • Borrowing a car from a friend or family – it may be cheaper than being added to an existing policy as a named driver
  • Using a courtesy car, though this may be provided automatically – check to be sure before buying a policy you don’t need
  • Sharing a car for a short time period
  • Driving occasionally, for example if it’s a classic car you sometimes take for a spin but don’t use regularly – in which case it would be declared SORN otherwise
  • In an emergency in which you need to drive someone else’s car to a hospital for example

What will short-term car insurance cover me for?

When you take out a short-term car insurance policy, you’ll usually be given fully comprehensive cover as standard – though some providers may also offer third-party and third-party, fire and theft as alternative options.

Having fully comprehensive car insurance means you’ll be covered for damage you do to a third-party, their vehicle or their property, as well as loss, damage and theft of your own car.

What extra cover can I get with a short-term car insurance policy?

In most cases you should be able to add the following on to your policy:

  • European driving cover: This gives you short-term cover for driving in Europe – but you should check beforehand to see which countries this applies to. Some short-term policies offer third-party cover in Europe as standard, but if you want comprehensive you’ll need to pay a little more
  • Breakdown cover: This pays out for any repair costs you might face if your car breaks down during your journey
  • Additional drivers: If you want short-term cover on a vehicle for you and other people – you can usually add up to four additional drivers

How much does short-term car insurance cost?

The main benefit of short-term car insurance is that you won’t need to pay for a full annual policy – you’ll just get cover for the amount of time you need it. As annual policies can cost into the hundreds (if not thousands for young drivers), this can be a lot to pay if you’re only driving a car for a few weeks, days or even hours.

How can I get cheaper short-term car insurance?

To get the cheapest quote possible on your short-term car insurance policy, you can try:

  • Paying more voluntary excess: If you have the option to increase your voluntary excess amount, this can help demonstrate to insurers that you won’t bother making a small or frivolous claim on your policy
  • Avoiding add-ons you don’t need: If you don’t plan on driving in Europe then you won’t need cover for it
  • Choose a smaller car: If you’re only driving a car for a short while as a way to get from A to B you won’t need anything flashy – try to insure yourself on a car in lower insurance groups if you can for a more affordable policy

Can I get short term car insurance as a returning UK resident?

If you need temporary cover as an expat making a short visit back to the UK, you may have to meet certain criteria in order to qualify for a short-term car insurance policy.

  • Some insurers will require you to have lived in the UK previously for a minimum amount of time – often around 36 months
  • They may also ask that you have a permanent address abroad
  • The age requirements could be different, with either a higher minimum age or caps on the maximum age

What are the alternatives to a short-term car insurance policy?

As an alternative to short-term car insurance, you might consider either becoming a named driver on another person’s policy, or you can add another car to your existing policy for a short time.

You could also take out pay-as-you-go insurance, which will insure you for a year for a flat rate – covering your car while it’s parked – plus an additional rate charged per mile you drive. This way you’ll pay for when you’re driving, but you won’t have to declare your car off-road when you aren’t driving – and you’ll be covered if someone hits your car when it’s parked, providing you have fully comprehensive insurance.

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