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Short term car insurance

Super save on temporary cover


Can you get temporary car insurance? 

Yes, you can get temporary car insurance. We understand that there isn’t always a need to commit to annual car insurance. Short-term car insurance allows you to get fast, flexible cover for as little as one day or even up to several months.  

So, if you are borrowing or renting a car on a short-term basis, temporary car insurance gives you the important cover you need. It may also be a cheaper option than adding another name to an existing policy if you plan to share a car.  

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How does temporary car insurance work?

The terms for your short-term car insurance will work the same way as a regular car insurance policy. The difference is that short-term car insurance aims to insure drivers for a limited time. Policies usually last from 1 to 28 days, although some policies will allow you to be insured for up to 90 days. Your coverage can start as soon as you make your payment.  

The purpose of this insurance is usually for personal use. Because of this, you may be denied cover if you plan to use your vehicle to deliver goods or passengers. Cars, vans, bicycles and motorhomes are all eligible to have short-term car insurance.  

It is important to note that a temporary policy is separate from an annual policy therefore it will not affect your no-claims bonus if you make a claim.  

How much is temporary car insurance?

Aside from your age and the type of policy you take out, your insurer will also consider a range of other factors so they can calculate how much of a risk you represent and charge you accordingly:

  • 1

    Your location

    Theft or vandalism may be higher in some postcodes than others, which can impact your car insurance premiums

  • 2

    Your occupation

    Some occupations might be seen as higher risks, especially if they involve driving a lot of miles or being around heavy machinery

  • 3

    Your mileage

    Simply put, the more miles you drive, the longer you spend on the road, and the more likely you are to make a claim

  • 4

    Your driving history

    This includes any driving convictions you may have as well as any claims you’ve previously made on car insurance policies

  • 5

    The type of car you drive

    Your car will be grouped based on its make and model, cars in higher insurance groups usually cost more to cover

  • 6

    Your voluntary excess

    Volunteering a higher excess fee tells insurers you’re less likely to make frivolous claims for low amounts

How long can I get temporary car insurance for?

  • One day car insurance

    This is great for test drives for a new vehicle. Whether it’s from an auction, private seller, or garage, make sure you are insured. 

  • A week's car insurance

    Need to share driving on a road or business trip? Or you are in between car insurance policies and need temporary cover? You can get insured for a couple days or a week.

  • Monthly car insurance

    If you are driving someone else’s car or car sharing, monthly car insurance is a great option for you. Only get insured when you need it.

What’s covered by temporary car insurance? 

  • Plus

    What is covered

    • Loss, theft, fire or vandalism

      If your car gets lost, stolen or vandalised, your car insurance policy will cover it

    • Legal liability

      If another person's property is damaged or someone gets injured or dies

    • Personal accident

      You will have a maximum amount you can claim through your insurance policy

    • Legal expenses

      If there are legal expenses following an accident, your policy will cover a certain amount

  • Cross

    What isn't covered

    • Courtesy car

      Courtesy cars are not usually included in a policy, it may come as an optional extra

    • Loss of value after repair

      After a car has been damaged, even if has been repaired it usually loses some of its value

    • Wear and tear

      Any electrical faults or damage due to deterioration will not be covered

    • Unattended vehicle

      If your vehicle is left unattended with the engine running on the keys in the ignition

How to get the cheapest temporary car insurance?

To get the cheapest quote possible on your short-term car insurance policy, you can try:

  • Paying more voluntary excess

    Volunteering a higher excess fee indicates to insurers that you won't make any frivolous claims on your policy, and it will make your insurance cheaper

  • Avoiding add-ons you don’t need

    Be wary of choosing a more expensive policy with unnecessary add-ons - go for one that has everything you need for a great price

  • Choose a smaller car

    Lower specification cars with less powerful engines prove to be cheaper to insure as they are categorised as more economical and easier to repair to insurers

How to compare short-term car insurance with MoneySuperMarket?  

Temporary car insurance offers comprehensive cover with a flexible term. The right cover ensures that you get insured when you need it most and as immediately as possible.  

  • Provide us with a few details 

    We will need a few details about you and the car you would like to insure. We aim to make this process as quick and easy as possible 

  • We’ll search for deals 

    Depending on your requirements, we will search the market through trusted providers to offer you the best deals at the most competitive prices 

  • Choose your deal 

    Getting insured is fast and simple. Simply click through to the provider of your choice and get covered as soon your transaction goes through

Short term car insurance is usually more expensive than if you pay annually. That’s because you pay day by day and the excess fee can often cost more too.

Driving a vehicle without insurance is against the law, so you will need some sort of car insurance policy if you are buying a car. Temporary car insurance can give you short-term cover when you first buy your car – this gives you time to shop around to find an insurance provider that suits your needs.

This depends on the provider, but some offer up to 84 days if you have a full license.

If you've passed your test and have held a valid full UK licence for at least 6 months, you need to be aged between 17 and 78 to get a policy. You can also get temporary car insurance if you are a learner driver.

You can tax your vehicle with a temporary policy. You can either do this online via the DVLA website or at a local post office, you just need the temporary insurance documentation you’ve been sent.

Yes, and you may find it a more cost-effective option than adding business use all-year round if you only occasionally use your car for work. If for example, you need to attend a conference or training session, or visit another office, short-term car insurance could be your best bet.

Temporary car insurance can also be useful for businesses including builders, plumbers, and roofers if they want to get cover for subcontractors to drive the work van.

Yes, in most cases you should be able to add the following on to your policy:

  • In some cases you may be able to add European driving cover, which can be useful if you’re planning a day trip to Europe

  • Breakdown cover can help get your car fixed or recovered to a garage if you break down. Breakdown cover is not usually available with short term car insurance so consider comparing standalone policies

Consider that these are likely to increase your premiums, so consider whether you really need them before adding them on to your policy.

If you are taking your car to Europe, you can ask your insurance provider to cover you on your existing policy.

In some cases you can also get temporary cover for driving your own car, a borrowed vehicle or if you’re sharing the driving of a friend’s vehicle. Make sure you check the policy and level of cover before committing. Some providers offer the minimum cover required by law in that country, rather than fully comprehensive cover. 

If you want to hire a car, you’ll need hire car insurance instead.

Now that we’ve left the EU, you have to carry a Green card to drive in Europe. Find out more about driving in Europe after Brexit.

No, if you need to claim on your short-term car insurance, it won’t affect your no claims discount.

A short-term insurance policy is a standalone policy, so any claim for the driver will be met by the short-term policy and not the car owner’s annual insurance policy. This means that the no claims discount of both the driver and car owner would not be affected in the event of an incident.

Yes, you can become a named driver on another policy, so you can drive a family member’s or friend’s car or lend them yours. Consider things like cover, cost and convenience to see which option is best for you.

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