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Winter sports holidays have seen a surge in popularity in the last decade, and if you're reading this page, it's likely that you've booked or are considering a trip yourself.  You're bound to be looking forward to your winter sports trip, but have you considered the potential dangers that come hand in hand with taking to the slopes?

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It's important to consider purchasing a comprehensive winter sports policy which will cover you in the event of suffering an injury on the slopes, or in the unlikely event that your ski or snowboarding equipment is lost or stolen.

A standard single trip policy is unlikely to cover you for winter sports as this is a common exclusion on many policies - this also includes activities such as tobogganing, off-piste skiing, ice-skating and heli-skiing - so it's important to get a policy specifically designed for winter sports holidays.

What are the benefits of winter sports cover?

With this dedicated policy you'll find that you get all of the standard features you've come to expect from holiday insurance, such as: medical cover, loss of baggage cover, cancellation cover and emergency repatriation (check policy wording as this varies from insurer to insurer), with a few added extras.

It's common for the insurer to include: cover for a variety of winter sports activities (such as those mentioned above), on and off-piste skiing/snowboarding (you may need to be accompanied by an instructor if you plan to go off-piste), damage to, or loss of your equipment (this may include gear you've hired but refer to terms and conditions for confirmation) and reimbursement of ski school fees, equipment hire costs and lift passes should you suffer an injury or fall.

What doesn't winter sports travel insurance cover?

It's important to read the terms and conditions of any prospective policy before purchasing it to ensure you are aware of any common exclusions.  As referred to above, you may not be covered for off-piste skiing if you are not accompanied by a fully qualified ski instructor.

A winter sports policy will not cover you if you fail to declare any pre-existing medical conditions which could later result in a claim.  In these circumstances you should purchase a pre-existing medical conditions policy to ensure you will be covered.

Finding cheap winter sports insurance

We all want to save money on our insurance, but it is important to remember not to choose a policy based on price alone.  Cheap travel insurance policies are brilliant when it comes to saving those all important pennies, but you will usually find that the excesses you need to pay in the event of a claim are higher and you could be missing out on vital cover in key areas.

To make sure you get the right policy for your needs at a competitive price, you should run a comparison and then shortlist to two or three prospective policies which give you the cover levels you require at an affordable price.  Then it's really just a case of choosing the policy which you feel is the best fit.

For more advice on choosing the right policy for a skiing holiday, please click here.

Winter sports safety tips

Skiing and snowboarding can be a lot of fun, but it's always important to follow a few basic safety tips to make sure the experience stays a happy one.  With freezing cold temperatures and stronger sun at high altitudes, you'll be at increased risk of being sunburnt and falling foul of hypothermia or frostbite if you don't take adequate precautions.

Follow these tips to ensure your winter sports holiday goes smoothly:

Dress in warm clothing. You should aim to wear several layers which will trap in the heat and make it easy to keep your body heat at a constant temperature by either adding or removing layers of clothing.

It's also important to invest in some thermal underwear and a good pair of gloves to help keep you warm, but be sure to opt for manmade fibres which will not soak up moisture and sap your body heat.  On particularly cold days is a good idea to invest in a neck gaiter to help keep the heat from escaping from the top of your head and neck.

Protect your eyes. It's important to wear sunglasses when skiing at a high altitude and you should also invest in a good pair of goggles to give you further protection from stray branches and stones.

Pack some sunblock. It might sound crazy to be considering this on a winter sport holiday, but you'll find your face will burn easily due to the intensity of the sun and the reflective properties of the snow you'll be travelling over.

Follow good piste etiquette. When skiing or snowboarding on the piste, it's expected that you give right of way to those in front and below you.  This will also help to make sure there are no accidents which could have been easily avoided.

Always take to the slopes with a friend. This is especially important if you will be venturing off-piste.  You should also make any other members of your party aware of your plans for the day in case anything goes amiss.

Know your limits. There's no shame in being a novice, so stick to the beginners slopes if you feel you aren't skilled enough to tackle the harder courses yet.

For more information on snowboarding safety tips and the equipment you'll need to kit yourself out with, why not take a look at our snowboard travel insurance page.

What details will I need to arrange my cover?

 To begin comparing cheap winter sports travel insurance quotes, you'll simply need to have the dates of travel, destination, and personal details of you and members of your party -such as their date of birth - and you'll soon start receiving competitive quotes.

You can filter the search results by baggage cover, cancellation cover and the excess amount you'd be willing to pay in the event of a claim, this will help to make sure you get a tailored winter sports insurance policy with the features you need without breaking the bank and hopefully save you some money which you can put towards that all important holiday spending money.

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