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Winter Sports Travel Insurance

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1Accurate as of September 2023

Do winter sports need travel cover?

There are certain situations that can arise on a winter holiday where standard travel insurance might not cover you. For example, providers view winter sports as being high-risk activities and therefore won’t cover your medical costs if you’re injured. Likewise, standard cover for belongings has certain limits that might not cover expensive ski or snowboarding equipment if it’s damaged or lost.  

Winter sports cover is an optional travel insurance add-on that's specially designed to protect you against risks that are unique to winter sports holidays. The tailored protection will ensure that if anything goes wrong, you’ll receive proper compensation and help to get your holiday back on track.

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What is classed as a winter sport?

If you're planning on travelling to a snowy country, you don't necessarily need winter sports cover. However, it may be a good idea to get specialised cover if you plan to take part in any of the following activities:

  • Plus

    Ice skating

  • Plus


  • Plus


  • Plus

    Sledding/ Bobsledding

  • Plus

    Glacier walking

  • Plus


  • Plus


  • Plus

    Ice fishing

  • Plus

    Snowshoe walking

What is covered by winter sports travel insurance?

  • Tick

    What is covered

    • Reimbursement for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment 

    • Personal liability 

    • Hiring equipment if yours is lost, stolen, or damaged 

    • Replacement ski pass 

    • Compensation for piste closures 

    • Cover for avalanches (transport & accommodation) 

    • Medical costs 

    • Repatriation

  • Cross

    What is not covered

    • Going off-piste 

    • Accidents and injuries when under the influence of drugs or alcohol 

    • Lost equipment due to negligence 

    • Travelling against government advice 

    • Inappropriate use or lack of proper equipment 

    • Extreme sports 

    • Competitive/ professional winter sports

    • Pre-existing conditions

What cover will my GHIC or EHIC card give me?

Your EHIC and its replacement, GHIC, will provide you with a limited amount of health insurance cover to use in EU member countries if you require emergency medical treatments. However, this is not a substitute for travel insurance and winter sports cover.  

The EHIC and GHIC schemes won’t cover the cost of repatriation if you need emergency transport back to the UK. They also do not offer any sort of compensation for lost or stolen passports, belongings, or supplier failures that may leave you without accommodation or transport. For these reasons, it’s worth it to consider travel insurance for your winter sports getaway. 

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Can I get winter sports for a pre-existing condition?

Having a pre-existing health condition can make getting travel insurance and winter sports cover a bit more complicated. Most providers will increase the cost of your cover if you have a pre-existing condition, and others will probably consider you to be too high a risk to insure at all. 

However, there are still options out there. There are travel insurance providers that will cover pre-existing conditions and even cover your winter sports. They may cost more than a standard policy and have different cover limits, but the valuable cover for your equipment and medical care abroad can be very worth it.

What does winter sports insurance cost?

The cost of travel insurance with winter sports cover will depend on a number of factors: 

  • Destination

    Different countries have different levels of risk for your provider. Travelling to a dangerous country, or a country with more expensive medical treatments and repatriation costs, will increase the cost of travel insurance 

  • Length of trip

    The longer your holiday is, the greater the chance is of something happening. Multi-trip and long-stay policies with are more expensive than single-trip. However, if you plan on going away multiple times in the year, annual multi-trip policies can work out cheaper than buying several single policies

  • Your age

    Insurance providers put higher age groups and winter sports into higher risk categories and so will charge more for cover. Insurnace companies will band older customers into age brackets of 55-65 and over 65s. For over 75s, cost for cover will increase annually or every 5 years 

  • Your health

    Travelling with pre-existing health problems puts you at greater risk of needing expensive foreign medical treatments and needing emergency repatriation. So, insurers may be unwilling to cover you for existing conditions or may charge more for cover 

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What destinations can I get winter sports cover for?

There are three different types of travel insurance that cover different locations. The more destinations you want covered under your policy, the more your policy will cost. However, more comprehensive policies can give you greater options if you want your policy to last for more than just one trip. 

  • Europe

    European travel insurance will cover winter sports in all European countries and the UK. Cover also includes certain countries outside of the EU, such as Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, and Turkey.

  • Worldwide (excluding USA, Canada, and the Caribbean)

    Cover travel and winter sports in all European and non-European countries except the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean.

  • Worldwide

    Worldwide travel insurance will cover every country, including the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean. However, providers may exclude certain countries that they consider to be especially dangerous

Some insurers have restrictions on certain countries and will not cover you if you travel against the advice of the FCDO. Always check policy documents for any exclusions before taking out travel insurance. 

When is the best time to buy winter travel insurance?

It’s a good idea to buy winter sports travel insurance as soon as you’ve finalised and booked your holiday. This is because if you need to cancel anytime between then and when you leave, you might not be able to claim your money back otherwise.  A good travel insurance policy should cover early cancellation for the following reasons: 

  • Injury or illness 

  • Redundancy 

  • Bereavement 

Angela Dove

Our expert says


Winter sports holidays come with some particularly high risks to your health and your wallet. Some activities can be especially dangerous, and sports equipment can be expensive to replace if stolen or damaged. That is why it’s worthwhile to consider adding this specialised cover to your policy. With it, you can get protection that’s unique to your needs and covers high-risk activities that a standard policy won’t.

- Angela Dove, Travel Insurance Expert

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Yes! You can get winter sports cover with a joint or family travel insurance policy. All you need do is add the optional cover to your policy to cover multiple people under one policy. It will cover your medical costs, your equipment, and travel disruptions while you travel together, and a joint policy can sometimes work out cheaper than buying several individual travel insurance policies.  

Yes! You can add winter sports cover to annual multi-trip travel insurance policies. This can be a really valuable addon if you regular take skiing holidays or regularly take part in winter sports when you travel.  

You will need to add winter sports cover to your travel insurance policy if you want cover for ice skating. Most travel insurance policies are unlikely to cover adventure sports or sports with a high-risk of injury. So, if you plan to go out on the ice, consider whether winter sports cover is worth adding.

You don’t need to take out winter sports cover for travel insurance to cover a trip to Lapland. European travel insurance will give you standard cover for a holiday to Lapland and will cover all the basics.  

However, if you plan to take part in any winter sports, such as sledding or ice skating, then you will need winter sports cover added to your policy to cover you when taking part in any of these activities. 

Winter sports cover will cover the cost of mountain rescue as well as the cost of repatriation if you need urgent transport back to the UK. These are included as part of your medical cover, so it’s worthwhile to take the cost of these into consideration when choosing your cover. 

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