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Here at we have put together a series of travel insurance guides to help you get the best deal on your travel insurance. Read our guides for tips on finding the right policy for your individual needs and learn how to lower your premiums with our money saving ideas.

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ATOL protection explained

Everything you need to know about ATOL protection

Adventure sports travel insurance

Read our adventure sports travel insurance guide

Annual multi-trip travel insurance

Compare annual travel insurance from £14.07*

Baggage insurance

Is taking out baggage insurance worth it?

Business travel insurance

Compare quotes for business travel insurance

Cancellation cover

Read our guide on holiday cancellation insurance

Coronavirus and travel insurance

Travel insurance and coronavirus – what you need to know

Crohn’s disease travel insurance

How to buy travel insurance if you have Crohn’s disease

Cruise insurance

Compare cruise insurance quotes

Cycling holiday insurance

Insuring a cycling trip

Disease outbreaks and epidemics

Does travel insurance cover disease and epidemics?

European Health Insurance Card

Everything you need to know about European Health Insurance Cards

Family travel insurance

Compare family travel insurance today

Gadget travel insurance

Travel insurance for your mobile phone and gadgets

Gap year travel insurance

Read our guide on gap year travel insurance

Golf holiday insurance

Read our tips on golf travel insurance cover

Group travel insurance

Read our guide on group travel insurance

High blood pressure

What you need to know about travel insurance for high blood pressure

High risk voyager travel insurance

Travel cover for high-risk destinations and ‘no go’ zones

Holiday protection insurance

Read our guide on holiday protection insurance

Insurance for backpacking

Compare backpacker travel insurance

Last minute travel insurance

Can I get last minute travel insurance?

Long-stay travel insurance

Extended travel insurance for long trips

Lost or stolen passports

What can you do if your passport is lost or stolen?

Luggage claim

Find out what steps to take if your luggage goes missing when travelling

Missed flights

Travel insurance: will it cover missed connecting flights?

Money saving tips

Read our travel insurance money saving tips

Motorcycle travel insurance

Travel insurance for your motorcycle holiday

No-excess travel insurance

Some travel insurance policies have no excess fee

One-way travel insurance

Everything you need to know about one-way travel cover

Policy types

Read about the different travel insurance policy types

Pre-existing medical conditions

Compare quotes for travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease, and get the best deal.

Pregnancy & travel insurance

Travel insurance and pregnancy - what you need to know


What is repatriation?

Rock climbing travel insurance

Find affordable cover for your rock climbing holiday

Scuba diving travel insurance

Affordable cover for your diving holiday

Short stay travel insurance

Our guide on short stay travel insurance

Single-trip travel insurance

Compare travel insurance cover for a single-trip

Ski insurance

Travel insurance for skiing

Snowboard insurance

Travel insurance for snowboarding holidays

Solo travel insurance

Find out what your travel insurance options are if you are travelling alone.

Staycations and travel insurance

Staycations: Your guide to a UK holiday

Stroke travel insurance

Travel insurance after a stroke

Student travel insurance

Get a student travel insurance quote

Supplier Failure Holiday Protection

Read our guide on supplier failure holiday insurance

Travel disruption insurance

What is travel disruption insurance and what does it cover

Travel insurance FAQs

Your top travel insurance questions answered here

Travel insurance and Defaqto ratings

What do Defaqto ratings mean for travel insurance?

Travel insurance and cystic fibrosis

What is the best travel insurance for cystic fibrosis sufferers?

Travel insurance and diabetes

A guide to diabetic travel insurance and how to make it cheaper.

Travel insurance and heart conditions

Affordable travel cover if you have a heart condition

Travel insurance and natural disasters

Will my travel insurance policy cover natural disasters?

Travel insurance and terrorism

Travel insurance with terrorism cover

Travel insurance cash cover

Cover your holiday money with travel insurance

Travel insurance claims

How do I claim on my travel insurance?

Travel insurance claims hotspots

Where do people claim on their travel insurance and why?

Travel insurance cover for an airline strike

Airline strikes can cause disruption to travel plans, but will they hit you in the pocket too?

Travel insurance for a death in the family

Does travel insurance cover a death in the family?

Travel insurance for cancer patients

Our guide on travel cover for cancer patients

Travel insurance for couples

How couples can save money on their travel insurance

Travel insurance for over-65s

Compare over-65s travel insurance

Travel insurance for over-70s

Compare over-70s travel insurance

Travel insurance for over-75s

Compare over-75s travel insurance

Travel insurance for over-80s

Compare over-80s travel insurance

Travel insurance for over-85s

Compare over-85s travel insurance

Travel insurance for pensioners

Buying travel insurance when you’re a pensioner

Travel insurance guide

Travel insurance: a must-read guide

Travel insurance with medical cover

Medical cover for your travels

Travelling in the UK under lockdown

Can I travel to other parts of the UK under lockdown?

Trekking and hiking travel insurance

Travel insurance for trekking and hiking

Unaccompanied minors travel insurance

Insurance for children travelling alone

Under 16 Travel Insurance

Compare under 16s travel insurance cover

Under-18s travel insurance

All you need to know about travel insurance for children

Volcanic ash

Find a travel insurance policy that covers volcanic ash

Volunteers travel insurance

What is volunteers insurance?

Water sports travel insurance

Why you need holiday insurance for water sports

Will Brexit affect your travel insurance?

How will Brexit affect your travel insurance?

Winter sports travel insurance

Compare winter sports travel insurance

Worldwide travel insurance

Compare worldwide travel insurance policies