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Student contents insurance

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What students contents insurance? 

If you’re a student living away from home, it’s worth thinking about students contents insurance to ensure your belongings are properly covered while you’re studying. Students contents insurance is cover you can take out to protect your personal belongings while you’re living away from home – usually in rental, student accommodation or halls of residence. It means you’ll be able to claim for the cost of repairing or replacing your items if they’re lost, damaged, or stolen. 

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Do I need contents insurance cover?

It’s worth checking if your contents are already covered by an existing source: 

  • Your parents or guardians’ home insurance policy may already provide cover for items away from home – it’s not always guaranteed, so you should check with your insurer to be sure 

  • You might have contents insurance as part of a packaged bank account or mobile phone contract 

  • You could have existing insurance policies for each separate item – for example, if they were taken out at the time of purchase  

What does student contents insurance cover? 

The level of what is covered in your policy depends on your individual policy. Many contents insurance policies will offer similar types of protection as well as exclusions:   

  • Tick

    What is usually covered?

    • Theft 

    • Fire damage  

    • Burst pipes, water leaks and flooding 

    • Burglary and vandalism 

    • Tenants liability cover

  • Cross

    What isn’t usually covered?

    • Wear and tear of your items 

    • Theft from unforced entry  

    • Lack of maintenance 

    • Incorrect information supplied  

How does contents insurance work?  

  • Plus

    General policy

    Estimate the total value of your contents, and the cost to replace it all. Try to be as accurate as possible, this will help you get the right amount of cover, and will help price your premiums accordingly.

  • Plus

    Additional cover

    Student contents insurance can cover more than just fire, theft, and flood. Consider additional cover for lost keys, tuition fees, rent, and accidental damage to fixtures and fittings.

  • Plus

    Gadget insurance

    Gadget insurance covers your gadgets against theft, loss, accidental and liquid damage. Not all insurers cover all these risks automatically, so it’s worth double-checking. 

How much does students contents insurance cost?

The cost of your contents insurance policy will depend on factors including: 

  • Your location

    High crime rates in your area will likely make your premiums more expensive due to the higher associated risk

  • Your property

    It can make a difference whether you live in a house or flat, as each comes with different risks 

  • The cost of your belongings

    More expensive items will usually cost more to insure – and keep an eye out for single item value limits if you have any particularly valuable items

How to get cheaper contents insurance

Contents insurance policies are not terribly expensive, but there are steps you can take to get a cheaper quote:

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    Shop around

    Premiums vary between insurance companies, so get a range of quotes to see how much you could save. Be clear about the level of cover you need to get accurate quotes and don't forget to shop around when it's time to renew

  • Tick

    Cut out the frills

    If you don’t need any added insurance extras like accidental damage cover, you could cut your premium by opting for basic cover only

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    Think about security

    High-quality locksburglar alarms, smoke alarms and joining a Neighbourhood Watch scheme can all reduce your premiums

  • Tick

    Raise the excess

    Most insurance policies include an excess, which is the amount you pay towards any claim. Increasing your excess will usually lower premiums. But bear in mind that you will need to pay that amount if you need to claim

  • Tick

    Pay your premiums annually

    Many insurers charge extra if you pay by monthly direct debit. You’ll save money if you make a one-off, annual payment instead, if you can afford it

  • Tick

    Build up a no-claims discount

    Insurers usually reward people who have not made any claims in the past with a cheaper policy premium

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    Combine policies

    Combining contents and buildings insurance can save you money on both policies rather than buying them individually

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How do I claim on my students contents insurance? 

  • Keep receipts

    Before anything happens, make sure you have evidence of how much you paid & the condition

  • Contact provider

    Contact your insurance company and provide your policy details and details of the incident  

  • Provide evidence

    Include photos of damages items, receipts for the items or a police report 

  • Complete your claim

    Complete your claim and submit your claim form to your provide  

You should buy the necessary insurance as soon as you know where you will be living for university and what belonging you will be taking with you. 

Most student contents insurance policies will cover expensive items, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. However, there may be a limit on how much you can claim for each item.  

It is important to check the policy to make sure that your expensive items are covered. 

No, buildings insurance isn't necessary for students renting accommodation. Your landlord or university are responsible for what happens to the building. 

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