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Home insurance for expensive contents

Compare high-value contents insurance

Do you own a valuable watch or a top-of-the-range television worth thousands of pounds? Especially valuable items are not covered as standard by your contents insurance, so here’s how to protect your most precious possessions

By Jessica Bown

Updated: 30 September 2021


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What are high-value home contents?

High-value home contents are any of your possessions that would cost more than, say, £1,000 to replace. In most homes, these fall into two categories: technology and valuables.

Valuables include jewellery, paintings and antiques, while hi-tech items are computers, televisions and state-of-the-art cameras, among other things – including a growing number of desktop computers now more people are working from home.

If you have musical instruments such as a piano in your home, these may also require high-value home contents insurance.

Are high-value items covered by contents insurance?

Contents insurance is designed to protect your furniture, carpets, entertainment systems, and gadgets, as well as any artwork, jewellery or other valuables.

However, most home contents insurance policies set a limit on how much they will pay out on a single item, as well as on the amount they will pay out in total should your home go up in flames, for example. This varies between insurers: some policies cover items worth up to £2,500, while others exclude single items valued at more than £1,000.

If you want to cover things worth more than the single item limit, you will need to add them to your home contents policy at an extra cost, or take out specialist cover for collections of valuables such as antiques. 

What are the most commonly insured possessions on home insurance policies?


Average cost of replacement

Laptops, tablets, notebooks etc








Desktop computers



According to MoneySuperMarket data collected January - June 2021, accurate September 2021

How do you insure high-value items?

The easiest way to find contents insurance for high-value items such as jewellery is to name them on your contents insurance policy.

However, you will often have to pay extra for this cover, while some insurers will also ask you to pay a higher excess towards any claims. If you have a lot of expensive equipment or valuables in your home, specialist cover may therefore be a better option.

Here are our top tips for ensuring your high-value items are fully covered:

·       Protect: If you have a lot of valuables, many insurers will insist on a high level of home security, such as a burglar alarm or a safe

·       Update: If you buy or receive expensive items such as a new computer or a Rolex watch, contact your insurer to add them to your policy

·       Check: The value of assets such as artwork can fluctuate, so conduct regular valuations to ensure you are not left unprotected

·       Photograph: Keeping photographic evidence of your belongings will help the police to trace them if they are lost or stolen 

Do I need specialist high-value home insurance??

Specialist high-value contents insurance is available from a range of insurance companies. Some policies offer unlimited cover for single items, while others will allow you to claim up to say £5,000 per item. So, shop around to find the cover you need – and remember to tell your insurer about any items worth £1,000 or more.

If your valuables are mainly hi-tech, a standalone Gadget insurance policy designed specifically to protect computers, phones, and the like, may prove a cheaper option than high-value home insurance.

But either way, it’s important to give your insurer an estimate for the total value of your possessions, so the amount you can claim is sufficient to cover the cost of replacing them. The best way to do this is to go from room to room listing your belongings before calculating how much it would cost to replace them all. 

You don’t need the exact figure, but you do need a decent estimate. If you live in a very large house, or a listed property that would cost a lot to rebuild, it’s also sensible to double check that the rebuild value on your buildings insurance policy would be sufficient to cover the full cost. 

Compare high-value contents insurance policies

MoneySuperMarket’s home insurance comparison tool helps you find the right level of cover for your gadgets and contents.

You add items worth over £1,000 each separately, then let us know whether you want insurance for any possessions you’ll be taking outside your home (such as your phone).

The amount of cover each insurance policy offers will differ, so make sure you’re getting the right level of cover at the right price – rather than simply picking the cheapest policy. 

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