Lost your bag? What a drag!

When luggage goes astray, travel insurance is there to pick up the pieces

Passport, tickets, money… Passport, tickets, money…


These are the absolute essentials for international travellers. But no-one ventures overseas without also packing some luggage as well – even if it’s just an overnight bag with a change of clothes and a few toiletries. 


So it’s easy to imagine the stress, hassle and sheer inconvenience that can follow if you lose your luggage.


And it happens a lot. In 2015, according to ERV Travel Insurance and Insure and Go, a whopping 15% of all travellers were affected by the loss or damage of their luggage.


Last year, MoneySuperMarket helped more than 2 million customers find the right Travel Insurance policy, so it’s an issue that’s close to our heart.


We decided we needed to know more about this whole issue. So we recruited the most seasoned travel specialists and sent them on an epic trip abroad… without any luggage!

Will they survive? Maybe they’ll thrive? See how they get on below, or by following #MSMLostLuggage

Making every day an adventure is Iain’s mantra, and he’s certainly living up to it as he travels to Reykjavik to whale watch and snorkel in the waters of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, all without his luggage.


Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is lauded as one of the friendliest and most welcoming cities in the world. But will Becky be able to borrow enough from her friends to make up for her missing belongings – and still enjoy the craic?


The thermal spas of Budapest, capital of Hungary, are a tourist hotspot visited by thousands of travellers every year. But having lost her luggage, Nellie will need to splash out on some swimming gear if she wants to take the waters.

The classic sights of the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and the Colosseum are all must-see when visiting Rome, but how will Abi fare as she lives the life of someone who has lost their luggage?

Jonny is such a travel fanatic that, even in his late 30s, he still does not own anything bigger than his backpack. So how will he fare in Senegal if even that is denied him?

Lucy’s trip to Slovenia will take her through the ancient capital, Ljubljana, and the picturesque surroundings of Lake Bled. But without her bags, she’ll have to rely on her husband for help and support.

The medieval walled city of Marrakech is rightly famed for its bustling market. But having lost his luggage, will Chris be able to stock up on supplies in the world-famous souk?

The tropical city state of Singapore is a thriving multicultural hub, and one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. But with no possessions, Johnny will need to call on the cosmopolitan community to help him make the most of his trip.


The stunning coastal villages of the Cinque Terre (the Five Lands) on the Italian Riviera are famous for being completely car-free. Brenna will need every ounce of her travel know-how to hike through them all with no luggage.


Vicky is hoping for some southern hospitality on her journey across the Cajun heartland of Louisiana. But will she be able to brave the bayou swamps without her belongings?


Nice offers a glorious slice of French glamour and is the epitome of chic. But will style blogger Kate be able to keep up with the pageantry when she’s left without her luggage and only the clothes on her back?


Pete is heading to the cultured city of Bilbao for some football education at the Spanish Super Cup. He’ll need ingratiate himself with the locals to make sure that his lost luggage doesn’t hold him back.



Tenerife is the go-to family-friendly hot spot that guarantees sunshine, but can it deliver on the blissful summer holiday promise when you’re caught without your luggage? Sally and Flea are hoping for a weekend of fun in the sun, but they’ll have to be creative considering their suitcases full of swimsuits and sun cream have been left at home.



Montenegro’s beautiful Durmitor National Park is high on rugged terrain and low on amenities. Travelling without even a backpack for company, walking enthusiast Paul Steele will need all of his stamina and experience to make the most of this exciting hiking trip.



Rome wasn’t built in a day, but can it been seen in one - on a budget, and with (almost) none of your belongings? Kash and his partner Sofia hope to see as many of the Eternal City’s sights as they can in a single day, but they’ll have to use their heads to make sure her lost bag doesn’t hamper their plans.



Summer started in Iceland on April 23, but with temperatures still 5 degrees and below it might not feel like it. Having lost her luggage, adventurous Becki will need to brave the Reykjavik cold to find something to wear for her dip in the Blue Lagoon.


Neil is heading to Venice for the Biennale art festival, but first he’ll have to endure an overnight train trek from Paris without his belongings. Once there, he’s keen to capture as much of the festival as possible, but will his lost luggage hold him back?



Tereza is flying out for glitzy Malta Fashion Week, but with her bag missing the only outfit she has left is the clothes on her back. Can she stay stylish and on-trend throughout the event, on the tightest of budgets?



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