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Travel insurance and diabetes

A guide to diabetic travel insurance and how to make it cheaper.

Find out more on how to get the best travel insurance policy with a pre-existing condition like diabetes.

By Peter Carr

Published: 16 August 2017

Looking for travel insurance?

Buying the correct policy

It can sometimes be difficult to get cheap travel insurance if you have diabetes, or in fact, any pre-existing medical condition. But it is possible to get a decent travel policy for much cheaper than you’d expect, and why pay more than you should have to?

Whether you live with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you will need to disclose it on your travel insurance application.

Some insurers won’t provide full cover, or cover medical bills, for pre-existing conditions, however MoneySuperMarket has teamed up with specialist travel insurers to provide the cheapest possible price for cover while offering you the right level of cover you need for your condition.

Why is diabetic travel insurance necessary?

It is not compulsory to buy diabetic travel insurance, but standard travel insurance is unlikely to cover any problems which arise due to your pre-existing condition.

For example, if you lost your insulin or any other prescribed medication which you rely on to keep your condition stable, then you wouldn’t be able to claim it on standard insurance.

With diabetes travel insurance, it is possible to claim medication, allowing you to enjoy your holiday with as little interruption as possible.

Plus, if you have any serious complications, you will be cared for properly as your policy will extend to hospital admission. Having the correct insurance makes sure that should you become unwell on your trip, you will be fully covered and suitably looked after, wherever you are.

Travelling with diabetes

If you are concerned about how diabetes might affect your trip, then make sure to ask your doctor for advice before departure. Health experts suggest planning and preparing your trip four to six weeks before you travel.

  • Find out what you’ll need to know diet-wise, if you’ll need any vaccines and how air travel (if applicable) could affect your holiday.
  • Make sure to eat healthily – you should be able to choose from local menus and still get a balanced diet.
  • Find out if the blood glucose levels are measured in the same way as the UK, but if in doubt check this blood glucose conversion chart from Diabetes UK.
  • The NHS suggests to bring twice the amount of medicines and medical supplies you would normally use for your diabetes. For more information read the NHS guide.
  • Find out where you can get emergency supplies of insulin at your destination, in case of any incidents outside of your control.
  • Make sure that the climate won’t affect your how your insulin or blood glucose monitor works.

Compare diabetic travel insurance

We suggest that you compare insurers which offer diabetes cover, some of which you can get for as little as the price of a meal in a holiday resort. But don’t go for the cheapest if you feel it isn’t the correct option for you.

The best way to find the correct insurance for your trip, is to use our travel insurance comparison tool. After you have entered all your details and your medical conditions, we can give you the cheapest or most relevant policies we have available.