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High-risk travel insurance

Travel cover for high-risk destinations

Jake Edmonds
Written by  Jake Edmonds
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Updated: 30 Jan 2024

Normal travel insurance won’t cover you for travel to a high-risk destination or country where the Foreign Office advises against travel

When it comes to traveling to high-risk destinations, the stakes are undeniably higher. Whether you're heading to a region with recent terrorist activity or a country with strict COVID-19 restrictions, the need for robust travel insurance is crucial, this is where High Risk Voyager insurance is an option.

Understanding FCDO advice

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) publishes travel advice and tips on every country worldwide to help British nationals stay safe abroad, including advice on countries and areas that should be avoided because they are deemed dangerous. This guidance is crucial for anyone planning to travel, as venturing into areas against FCDO advice typically means standard travel insurance policies won't cover you.

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The risks and the resilient

Despite the clear warnings, individuals still find themselves traveling to high-risk areas for a variety of reasons. From business executives to journalists, and from volunteers to those visiting family, the call to venture into these zones can be compelling. Recognising this, High Risk Voyager offers a beacon of hope, providing insurance coverage specifically tailored for such daring travels.

Pandemic complications and coverage

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced additional layers of complexity to international travel, with ever-changing rules on testing and quarantine. While some travel insurance policies have adapted to include limited COVID-19 related coverage, very few extend to circumstances where FCDO advice changes post-booking. For more detailed information, you can find out more with our guide to Covid-19 and travel insurance. But generally speaking, if you need to travel to a country that the FCDO is advising against visiting, specialist high-risk travel cover is likely to be your best bet.

Partnering for protection

MoneySuperMarket has partnered with High Risk Voyager to address the gap in the market for those needing to travel to places on the FCDO Travel Advice list. This collaboration has resulted in a flexible and comprehensive insurance policy developed by travel risk management experts, designed to offer peace of mind for travellers heading to some of the most dangerous places on earth.

Tailored for the perilous paths

High Risk Voyager Insurance is a testament to adaptability and coverage in the face of adversity. It is designed to support those traveling to regions where the FCDO advises against all or essential travel only, and includes:

  • Emergency medical assistance even in the most remote or volatile regions

  • Coverage for evacuation in case of political unrest or natural disasters

  • Provisions for winter sports and other leisure activities

  • Options for enhanced personal accident cover

  • Non-medical travel coverage for a comprehensive safety net

Accessibility and adaptability

Purchasing High Risk Voyager insurance is a straightforward online process that offers instant quotes. It caters to various trip durations and can be bought before departure or, in some cases, after you've already embarked on your journey. The policy details both standard and enhanced excess costs, ensuring transparency and choice.

Who benefits from High Risk Voyager?

The policy is a popular choice among journalists, humanitarian workers, and business travellers who frequently find themselves in high-risk areas. It supports trips up to 365 days for work-related travel and up to 31 days for leisure travel. You can buy High Risk Voyager travel insurance for a single trip or as an annual multi trip policy, offering flexibility to suit different travel needs.

Eligibility and exclusions

To be eligible for High Risk Voyager, there are certain criteria to meet, including age restrictions, and the policy does not cover active military or paramilitary personnel. Group discounts are available, and benefits accrue to travellers who have undergone formal risk management travel training.

Global coverage with considerations

Cover is available for any country or region worldwide, although trips to the USA are limited to a maximum of 89 days. Exclusions and restrictions apply to pre-existing medical conditions. It is essential to understand these details to ensure you have the appropriate level of cover.

Obtaining your quote

Getting a quote for High Risk Voyager is efficient and available 24/7. Premiums and benefits vary based on the currency of payment, giving you the flexibility to tailor your insurance to your financial needs.

High Risk Voyager stands as a pioneering solution for those undeterred by the risks associated with high-risk destinations. It provides not just insurance, but the confidence to travel to places others avoid, with the assurance that you are protected. Whether you're heading into a conflict zone or understanding the complexities of pandemic-era travel, travel insurance policy from High Risk Voyager offers an unparalleled level of security for peace of mind on your high-stakes journey.

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