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What is long-stay travel insurance?

Sometimes a week or two away from the UK just isn't enough! Long-stay insurance policies are slightly different from regular travel insurance as they cover you for travel across multiple destinations for extended periods. While a multi-trip policy may cover you for multiple trips, there are limits to how long your cover can last for and will vary from country to country.

Long-stay travel insurance is often referred to as backpackers insurance or gap year insurance and can typically cover trips from 90 days up to 18 months. It's suitable for volunteering around the world, inter-railing across Europe or if you prefer to spend whole seasons abroad in the sun, the possibilities are limitless. If your trip is longer than 31 days, then this is the right insurance for you!

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What’s covered by long term travel insurance?

Here is an outline of what you can usually expect from your travel insurance cover:

  • Tick


    • Emergency medical expenses: Treatment abroad can rack up some hefty bills. Your cover will be able to help you in the event that you need emergency medical treatment or repatriation.

    • Lost, stolen or damaged baggage: Covers if your baggage gets lost, stolen, damaged o destroyed.

    • Personal liability: In the case that you are liable for any injuries, loss of possession or damage to the property of a third party.

    • Travel accommodation for delays & cancellation: There are many things out of your control that can affect your travel plans. Check your policy to see what cases will be covered

  • Cross

    Not covered

    • Pre-existing conditions: Usually standard long-stay travel insurance won't cover the cost of treatment abroad for any pre-existing conditions unless you purchase a specialised policy with medical cover.

    • Trip amount: You will be covered for only one long-haul trip, not multiple.

    • Drugs and alcohol: Any incidents relating to drugs or alcohol are unlikely to be covered by your insurance. This applies to all types of claims, including claims for medical cover.

    • Missed departure: Travel insurance won't reimburse you if you miss your flight because you were late. You'll only be covered for missed departure in an emergency.

Where can I travel to with long-stay travel insurance?

It is important to specify where you plan to travel to as your premium price can change drastically depending on your holiday destination. At MoneySuperMarket, we offer long-stay travel insurance cover across the globe, including:

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    European Travel Insurance

    Get covered for travels across Europe. Some providers will also include cover for some non-European destinations, such as Egypt.

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    Worldwide Travel Insurance

    Travelling across different continents? You can get covered for wherever you decide to go next with worldwide travel insurance - covering almost every country possible.

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    Worldwide - with exclusions

    Provides cover for worldwide travel, with exclusions to certain countries depending on where your voyage is taking you - including the United States, the Caribbean, Canada and Mexico.

Why Compare Travel Insurance with MoneySuperMarket?

At MoneySuperMarket, we’re here to make sure your holiday planning is a breeze. Here’s what you’ll get:

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    Flexible to suit your plans

    Get fully comprehensive cover for as long as you need it, whether that's one day or a few months.

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    Quick and easy to use

    Simply pop in a few details about where you’re off to next, pick the best deal for you and get insured for your next trip.

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    Save money

    Compare quotes from the UK's leading travel insurance providers and filter through a range of policies that match your needs as well as your budget.

How much does long-stay travel insurance cost?

The cost of long-stay travel insurance varies widely and depends on several factors including:

  • 1

    Your age

    As you get older, your premiums are likely to be more expensive as there is an increased likelihood that you'll make a claim

  • 2

    Your health

    You must declare any pre-existing medical conditions you have to your insurer. Failure to do so may result in your policy being void or future claims being rejected

  • 3

    Duration of your trip

    Long-stay travel insurance is designed to cover long periods but the longer you stay, the higher your premiums are likely to be

  • 4

    Your destination

    The risks of a country depend on which country you are travelling to. Your chosen destination will impact the cost of your premium

  • 5

    Your luggage and personal possessions

    It is important to protect your valuables while you are abroad. The more valuable your possessions, the higher your premiums will be

  • 6

    Activities you plan to do

    You will need to add extra cover to your policy if you want to take part in any high-risk activities, water sports or excursions.

Can I get long-stay travel insurance for over 65s? 

Yes, after the age of 65, you might find that you have more opportunity and freedom to travel wherever you want and for as long as you would like. Getting the right travel insurance tailored to you is so important. 

However, because of your age, you may find that there are fewer policy options available for you as well as them being more expensive. This is because, statistically, the older you get, the more likely you are to make a claim or develop medical conditions. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good deal and a tailored policy that’s just right for you.

MoneySuperMarket will filter through a range of policies from the UK's leading travel insurance providers with tailored cover for over 65-year-olds so you can relax while you’re doing what makes you happy.

Extended travel insurance for pre-existing conditions

MoneySuperMarket providers cover a range of conditions. We can show you providers that will insure you for both your long-stay holiday as well as any pre-existing conditions you may have. Be sure to check your policy details for any exclusions. If you have a pre-existing medical condition your premiums may likely be slightly more expensive as you're seen to be a higher risk to insurers for making a claim.

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Kate Hughes

Our expert says

The longer you’re away, the greater the adventure, the excitement, the exploration and the chances of something going wrong. Standard insurance policies have a 31-day limit on individual trips, so anything more expansive than that will need longer-term cover.

As with any insurance policy, the cover and the cost will depend on your circumstances, where you’re going, what you’re likely to get up to, and how long you’ll be away.

So while your plans may change on a long trip, it pays to make sure your cover does cover you whatever that trip of a lifetime offers up.

- Kate Hughes, Money & Savings Expert

Is long-stay different from annual travel insurance?

Annual travel insurance policies and long stay travel insurance may sound similar as they both cover a long period, however, they work quite differently: 

  • Annual trip insurance

    • Annual multi-trip insurance policies will cover you for two or more trips within a year since you took out your policy

    • You will be covered for multiple trips but each trip can only be a maximum of 31 days

    • This cover is only for multiple short trips during the year you're covered. It isn't suitable for long-stay trips

  • Long-stay cover

    • This type of cover will cover you for a single trip that will last over a month

    • You can get cover from anywhere between 31 days and 18 months.

    • This policy will not cover multiple trips

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Most standard single-trip travel insurance policies cover only one trip that lasts less than 31 days. If you’re planning to spend up to three months in one destination, you may be able to take out a single-trip travel insurance policy. However, if you’re planning to visit several different countries, or will be away for more than 90 days, long-stay travel insurance is a better choice.

Having your insurance policy in place before you travel is important. However, there will be fewer providers available to cover you if you're arranging your insurance over one year before your trip is scheduled.

Most home insurance policies limit the number of days you can leave your home empty at any one time. This could be 30 or 60 days. So if you’re going away and leaving your home empty for longer than that, you’ll need specialist unoccupied home insurance.

You should also inform your insurer if you plan to rent your home out while you are away – and maybe take out landlord insurance.

No, most annual travel insurance policies will only cover you for individual trips lasting up to 31 days – even though the policy itself lasts for a year. So if you’re planning to be away for more than a month, you’ll need long-term travel cover instead.

If you decide to extend your trip, you can often extend your policy online or call your provider directly. If your specific policy will not allow an extension after it has expired, you can take out a new policy while you're travelling to cover you for the rest of your getaway.

You can buy long-stay travel insurance for individuals, travel policies for couples, or families and groups depending on your personal needs during your holiday.

There will be exclusions on your policy. For example, travelling to countries that are considered to be 'high risk' or destinations that The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) has advised against may result in your insurance being void, or you not being viable for a policy or as a result of travelling against advised, any claims may get rejected.

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