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What is baggage insurance?

Baggage insurance is a type of cover that you can get from a travel insurance policy that will protect your belongings while you travel. If your possessions are lost, stolen, or damaged and you weren't at fault, a travel insurance policy will pay out a sum to cover some or all of the cost of your important items.

With MoneySuperMarket, you can choose how much baggage cover you get with your travel insurance. If you are bringing valuable electronics with you on your trip, you can also add gadget insurance to your policy for added protection as well as passport cover.

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What does baggage insurance cover?

Travel insurance policy inclusions and exclusions vary. The following information provides a general overview of common travel insurance inclusions and exclusions. Always read your policy documents thoroughly to understand what is and isn't covered before your trip.

  • Tick


    • Theft: If any of your belongings are stolen, you should report the theft to your local authorities. With your crime reference number, you can make a travel insurance claim to cover the cost of your stolen possessions

    • Damage: Your travel insurance can reimburse you if your luggage or personal belongings are damaged during your trip. For evidence, you should take photos of your belongings before your trip to show your insurer if you need to make a claim

    • Loss: Insurance will cover your possessions if they are lost. If an airline was responsible for your luggage when it went missing, you should report your lost belongings at the airport before leaving the baggage reclaim area

    • Delay: If an airline is responsible for your delayed luggage, they should be responsible for providing compensation. If your luggage is delayed for a certain amount of time, your travel insurance will compensate you to replace your essential items

  • Cross

    Not covered

    • Damage or loss that is your fault: Your baggage insurance won't cover incidents that you are responsible for, such as leaving your belongings unattended or intentionally causing damage

    • Items exceeding the single-item limit: There is a limit to how much compensation you can claim per item. If the value of an item exceeds that amount, your pay-out will only be equal to your maximum per-item limit

    • Money and passports: Travel money and passports are not typically covered with standard baggage insurance. You will need to take out extra cover to protect these if they are lost or damaged

    • Items in the care of an airline: It is the responsibility of the airline to compensate passengers for any lost or delayed belongings

    • Theft that isn't reported within 24 hours: If you don't report the theft of your belongings within 24 hours then you cannot make a travel insurance claim for them. You will also need your crime reference number to claim stolen baggage

Can I buy baggage insurance on its own?

Baggage insurance is a type of cover that is usually included as standard with a travel insurance policy. It is designed to protect your belongings and you at the same time while you are travelling. Typically, baggage insurance isn't bought as a standalone insurance. At MoneySuperMarket, we are unable to provide quotes for baggage insurance alone.

If you intend to send unaccompanied luggage overseas or want to insure a package, you would need parcel insurance, which is very different from travel insurance. Parcel insurance would only insure the shipped item and nothing else.

Is baggage insurance worth it?

Travel insurance with baggage cover is a very worthwhile protection for all types of travellers. Whether you're taking the family on holiday or hopping the pond for a business trip, your belongings are worth protecting.

  • Plus


    • Baggage insurance is typically included as standard with a travel insurance policy, so you don't need to pay extra for this cover

    • Claim compensation for important belongings

    • Use pay-outs to replace important items that you can't continue your trip without

    • You can even insure your suitcases and bags if they've been damaged during your journey

    • You can make multiple baggage insurance claims on your trip if more than one incident occurs

  • Minus


    • Items over a certain value need separate insurance

    • You are not covered for any damage caused by cleaning, repairing, or renovating

    • Baggage insurance won't cover your belongings while they are in the hands of an airline

    • Any items that belong to your business or are used for business purposes are not covered

    • Travel insurance won't cover theft from a vehicle if your belongings aren't locked in a glove box, boot, or luggage box

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Our expert says


Look out for single-item limits when looking at baggage cover. This is a limit to how much you can claim for an individual item. Some policies may apply this limit to item sets as well. If you're bringing any expensive items with you on your travels that cost more than your policy's single-item limit, you may need to add extra cover.

Most providers offer optional gadget cover to cover expensive tech, which is great for protecting mobile phones and laptops. For other valuables like jewellery or expensive clothes, some insurers may provide additional cover as long as you declare these items when buying your policy.

- Alicia Hempsted, Insurance Expert

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At MoneySuperMarket, our mission is to help you Super Save on travel insurance. We offer a simple, hassle-free way to compare quotes from a wide range of insurers and our useful information and guidance will help you choose our best policy for your needs.

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How much is baggage insurance?

The cost of a travel insurance policy with baggage cover can depend on several factors. Here are some of the few things that can affect the price of your travel insurance:

  • Plus


    The cost of insurance goes up if your trip destination poses greater risk to your health and safety, such as having a higher crime rate or extreme weather

  • Plus

    Level of cover

    You can tailor your level of baggage cover when you take out travel insurance, with higher levels of cover adding to the cost of your policy

  • Plus

    Length of your trip

    If you take out a single-trip travel insurance policy, the length of your trip will add to the cost of your travel insurance

  • Plus

    Your age

    Younger travellers usually have the cheapest travel insurance and the cost increases as you get older

How do I make a claim on my baggage insurance cover?

If you need to make a claim on your travel insurance policy, you should begin the process of making a claim as soon as possible. Providers typically limit the time after an incident for you to claim on your policy. So, these are the steps you need to take to give you the best chance of having your claim approved:

  • one icon

    Prepare for your trip

    Before packing your bags for your trip, you should document all of your important belongings that you are taking with you. Take photos of your items in their undamaged state and when possible photograph any receipts that prove their value. These pictures will be important evidence if you need to make a claim

  • Two icon

    An incident occurs

    If your belongings are lost or stolen, you should report the incident to the appropriate authorities as soon as possible. For stolen belongings, you should contact the police. If your items are lost in an airport or delayed by the airline, you should report to the airport's baggage claim office

  • three icon

    Gather evidence

    Contact your insurer and request a claim form. To begin your claim, you will need to give evidence to your provider of your lost baggage. This can be in the form of a crime reference number, photographs of damaged items, bills for repairs, or written acknowledgements from the airline or baggage carrier

  • four icon

    Submit your claim

    Fill out the claim form provided by your insurer, including all of the necessary documentation and evidence to prove that the incident occurred. If your claim is approved, your insurer will pay you a sum to cover the loss of your possessions, minus your chosen excess

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If your luggage is lost while in the care of an airline, you should be able to claim compensation if your belongings have not been found and returned within 21 days. This is something you are legally entitled to if you checked in your luggage to be stored in the cabin. This is why you should always report any lost luggage to the airline as soon as possible.

To claim lost luggage from the airline, you will usually need to have receipts for the lost items to prove their value. They also tend to have a limit on how much they are willing to offer in compensation. 

In some cases, you may get faster results or greater compensation by claiming on your travel insurance rather than chasing after compensation from an airline. However, not every travel insurance policy will cover baggage that’s lost while in the care of an airline. Read your travel insurance documents carefully to find out if your insurance provider will cover you for this. 

Travel insurance policies differ when it comes to luggage delay. Some policies won’t cover luggage that’s delayed because it’s seen as the responsibility of the airline. On the other hand, some providers may offer minor compensation to cover the replacement of your essential items until your luggage is recovered. This is something you will need to look for in your travel insurance documents. 

If you want to pursue compensation from the airline for your delayed luggage, you should report the problem to the airline straight away. By notifying the airline of the problem immediately, you may have a better chance of having the issue resolved sooner or receiving compensation.

If your luggage is stolen at any point during your trip, you must take the appropriate steps to report the theft to the police as soon as you are aware. To make an insurance claim for stolen baggage, you will need to get a crime reference number from the police to give as evidence to your insurance provider.  

Some travel insurance providers have time limits for when you make a report and claim for luggage theft. If you do not report the theft to the policy within this time frame, which is usually 24 hours, they are unlikely to approve a claim for your stolen belongings. 

For more help on how to make a claim, you can read our guide ‘How to make a travel insurance claim’.

Excess is a sum of money that you volunteer to contribute to cover part of your loss when you make a claim. For example, if you have an excess of £100 and you make a claim for items valued at £500, your insurer will pay out £400. Increasing your travel insurance excess can reduce the cost of your insurance policy, but it also means that your insurer will pay out less when you make a claim.

Whether your baggage insurance will cover multiple trips depends on the type of travel insurance you own. There are three types to choose from:

  • Single trip travel cover: You will be covered for a single trip and your cover will end when you return home

  • Annual travel insurance: Your travel insurance cover will last for a year and cover any trips you make during this time (there are limits to the length of each trip)

  • Backpacker travel insuranceYou will be covered for a long trip that includes travel to multiple destinations

The countries your insurance covers depend on your policy. When you apply for travel insurance, you can choose which countries you will be covered for. Standard options are:

It's important to note that none of these policies will cover countries where the FCDO exempt list has advised against travelling to. Some providers will also have their own list of excluded countries. It's important that you check your policy documents before taking out insurance to ensure your travel destination is covered.

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