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Spain Travel Insurance

Compare travel insurance quotes your Spanish getaway

Jake Edmonds
Written by  Jake Edmonds
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Updated: 30 Jan 2024

Off to sunny Spain? Sort out your travel insurance before you go, so you can kick back and enjoy your Spanish break

Illness, accidents, and other mishaps can quickly turn a dream holiday into a nightmare. That's why securing travel insurance is a critical step in your travel planning process.

With MoneySuperMarket you can get your travel insurance to Spain from £17.00i.Whether it's lost baggage, theft, or a health emergency, the right coverage will ensure you can enjoy the vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of Spain worry-free.

What Type of Travel Insurance Do I Need for Spain?

As part of the European Union, Spain is covered by European travel insurance policies, but choosing the right one is crucial. MoneySuperMarket is an excellent resource for finding and customizing insurance to fit your personal travel needs. There are different types of policies available, whether you're on a one-time holiday or a frequent traveller.

Types of Insurance

  • Single-trip insurance: Tailored for your holiday to Spain, this insurance starts from the moment you book and continues until your return.

  • Annual multi-trip insurance: Perfect for those bitten by the travel bug, this insurance can cover all your trips throughout the year, with options for Europe-only or worldwide coverage.

  • Backpackers’ insurance: If your Spanish adventure is just one part of a larger journey, backpackers’ insurance offers extended coverage for those long explorations or multi-country visits.

Sunlit Spanish side street with Gothic architecture

What Should My Spain Travel Insurance Include?

The right travel insurance policy for Spain should encompass several key features to ensure comprehensive protection.

Insurance Features

  • Medical cover: With most insurers offering up to £5 million, this is vital. Though the GHIC offers some healthcare coverage, it is not a substitute for full travel insurance.

  • Cancellation cover: This feature is crucial for covering emergency cancellations or cutting your trip short.

  • Repatriation: If you need to be returned to the UK for medical reasons, this coverage is essential.

  • Baggage cover: Protect your belongings from loss or theft, especially if you're carrying valuable items.

  • Gadget cover: For those indispensable electronics, ensure they're insured against loss or theft.

  • Passport cover: Losing a passport can incur unexpected costs, so it's wise to have this protection.

Understanding policy excess is important; it's the portion you pay towards any claim. A higher excess might lower your premium, but make sure it's an amount you're comfortable with. Always read your policy document thoroughly to grasp all the details of your coverage.

What Won’t Be Covered in My Spanish Travel Insurance?

Not everything is covered by travel insurance, and it's crucial to know these exclusions before you jet off to Spain.


  • High-risk activities may not be included; tools like MoneySuperMarket's can clarify what's covered.

  • Pre-existing medical conditions may require a special policy or incur higher premiums.

  • Incidents arising from civil unrest, war, or terrorism are typically not covered.

  • Claims related to overindulgence in alcohol or illegal substance use are generally excluded.

When Should My Spain Insurance Policy Start?

It's advisable to have your insurance begin from the moment you book your trip, not from the departure date. This ensures you're covered for any cancellations that might occur before you even leave.

Health and Vaccinations

Spain boasts a healthcare system comparable to the UK, and no special vaccinations are needed for travel. However, ensuring your routine vaccinations are up to date is always a good practice.

When traveling with prescription medicines, verify their legal status in Spain and carry a copy of your prescription for smooth travels.

Compare Travel Insurance for Spain with MoneySuperMarket

Choosing the right travel insurance for your Spanish holiday doesn't have to be overwhelming. By using MoneySuperMarket's comparison tool, you can quickly answer a few questions about your trip and be presented with a range of options from leading insurers. This way, you can confidently select a policy that offers the best protection at a competitive rate.

Embarking on a journey to Spain should be an exciting experience filled with anticipation for the memories you'll create. By securing the right travel insurance, you're not just safeguarding your trip; you're ensuring that every moment is spent soaking in the sun, culture, and beauty of Spain, rather than worrying about the "what-ifs."

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  1. Data based on the average price of travel insurance sold through MoneySuperMarket to Spain in May 2024.