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Our guide for travel insurance for couples

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If you are heading overseas with your wife, husband or partner, it can often prove a lot cheaper to take out joint travel insurance that covers both of you rather than two separate policies.

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Here, we explain how to get the protection you need while you are away at the cheapest possible price.

While many travel policies will provide protection similar to that mentioned above, not all will offer catastrophe insurance or end-supplier failure cover.

Another common exclusion that could be applicable to travel insurance for couples is pre-existing medical conditions. These must be declared when you apply for travel insurance or you risk invalidating any claim you make, leaving you and your partner to cover any medical costs yourselves.

There is also often a single item limit that will apply to any claims made for loss, theft or damage to your possessions while you are away.

You should therefore check the baggage section of the policy to ensure that the single item limit is high enough to cover any valuables you plan to take away with you.

Money saving tips

Taking out a couples travel insurance policy is a great way to save money because it could work out cheaper than two separate policies.

Other ways to save include opting for annual/multi-trip cover if you expect to go on two or more trips during the 12-month term and, of course, shopping around for the best deal.

Don't automatically choose the cheapest option without checking the cover provided though, as this could prove to be a false economy should you need to make a claim.

How can MoneySupermarket help?

MoneySupermarket makes it easy to compare hundreds of couples travel insurance policies within moments.

All you need to do is to decide whether you want single trip or annual/multi-trip cover and input your personal details, including where you plan to travel.

You can then filter the results to ensure you get the cover you need at the cheapest possible price. 

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