Egypt travel insurance

Going to Egypt can be the holiday of a lifetime, whether it's seeing the pyramids or cruising up the River Nile. You may however, be visiting other parts of the country to take advantage of the great scuba diving opportunities or could perhaps be planning to kick back and lie on a sunbed on one of the many popular tourist beaches. But in any of these cases, what do you need to know?

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Why do I need cover for Egypt?

If you are looking at travelling to Egypt, you will need to ensure you have holiday insurance for Egypt in place. This is because, if you have an accident or fall ill while you are in Egypt, you will need to be admitted to a private hospital and could be charged thousands of pounds for treatment.

And, in the drastic event that you have to be repatriated back to the UK, it could even cost tens of thousands which you simply may not be able to raise. In this case Egypt travel insurance is an absolute must before you step foot on the aeroplane.

Getting covered for Egypt

The first point to look at very carefully is the parts of the world to which any existing travel insurance policy you have applies. If you bought an annual travel insurance policy for example (which tends to be more economical if you go overseas more than twice a year) you could have opted for either European or worldwide cover.

Obviously for Egypt travel insurance you will need worldwide cover, but it could be that, having bought the policy at some point in the last year, you have overlooked the fact that your existing policy won't cover you this far around the globe.

Are there any exclusions for travel insurance to Egypt?

If you are buying holiday insurance for Egypt from scratch, you will also need to make sure that the type of holiday you are going on, as well as the activities you are going to undertake, are fully covered.

For example, many standard travel insurance policies will not cover cruises, which is a popular way to see the country. In this case, you will need to get cover that is especially designed for cruising to the Middle East.

Even if you are flying to your destination and have bought a standard holiday insurance policy for Egypt, you may find that you are actually not covered for certain sports or activities. Many standard policies don't cover scuba diving for example and, even if they do, only to a certain depth which is often 30 metres.

Make sure then, when shopping around for your Egyptian holiday insurance, you don't just opt for the cheapest deal. The reason it might be so cheap could be because it excludes the factors you need. Always read the small print carefully and - while you can use a comparison site to save you money - when it comes to travel insurance, don't assume that the cheapest is the best.

Wider common exclusions for travel insurance for Egypt, or any other country for that matter, include pre-existing medical conditions. You will need to tell the insurer of these separately. It might put up the price, but failure to disclose could deem your travel insurance totally invalid anyway.

Useful tips for holidaying in Egypt

Make sure you avoid heatstroke by staying hydrated and doing your sightseeing in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Take some currency but consider a credit card that is good for worldwide overseas spending too.

For package holidays and flights to Egypt, British tourists will need a full passport (which is valid still for six months after leaving Egypt) and a visa.
It's a good idea to obtain this visa before you leave at the Egyptian Consulate.

Women should take long sleeves and long skirts - and men long trousers - to wear when visiting sacred places.

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