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How late can I book last minute travel insurance?

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If you have left it till the last minute to get your travel insurance before you go away, don't panic. You can still get cover for yourself and your family, and we are here to help you get the policy you need.

We have all done it, taken months over planning the most incredible holiday, only to realise just as we are about to go to the airport that we have not got any travel insurance in case the worst happens. Well the good news is, there are a number of companies that will allow you to get your cover last minute, and will still protect you while you are away.

Most travel insurers will cover you immediately from the time you pay for the policy. So having to get it at the last minute is not the end of the world, but it is not ideal either.

The best way to buy travel insurance is when you book the holiday, that way if you need to cancel before you head off, you know you will be covered. But if you have not remembered to do that, do not despair.

Some companies will insure you up until you leave the UK, but once you are out of the country, you cannot get cover for your holiday.

You need to make sure that you compare quotes from different insurers, even if you have left it until the last minute to get your cover, and it is vital to compare products that have similar or identical levels of cover.

What does last minute travel insurance cover me for?

Last minute travel insurance should cover you for everything that a policy bought earlier in the process of organising your holiday would cover you for in many cases. So things like medical care while you are abroad if you are taken ill, lost luggage, the loss or theft of items such as cameras and money, or disruption to travel plans.

However, if you have to cancel your holiday, then last minute cover is unlikely to help, as many policies will require purchase at the time of booking, or at least a period of time before you are due to leave the UK, to cover cancellations.

This is because it would be too easy for passengers to realise late in the day that they would need to cancel their holiday or travel plans, and then buy a last minute policy simply so they can claim. The insurers protect themselves from this by making exclusions.

Other exclusions could include: 

Before and after you travel. Additional costs incurred before you leave the UK, or after you return from your holiday will not always be covered.

Breaking the law. Any claim that would relate to you doing something against the law of the country you are visiting.

Having travel refused. Your airline or other provider of travel on your itinerary refusing to let you travel for any reason.

Not doing your paperwork. You failing to get the Visa or any other documentation you require to visit your chosen country.

Ignoring FCO advice. Travelling against the advice of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, i.e. to a country where there is political unrest, will usually void your policy.

If you have left it until the last minute to get your travel cover, do not leave it any longer. Get a quote from us to make sure you are covered before you go away.

Looking for travel insurance?

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