A Grand Adventure

**Update: Competition Now Closed**

Have you ever dreamed of packing up your suitcase, heading off on holiday and staying away for as long as possible for the adventure of a lifetime? Well now you can by entering our competition 'A Grand Adventure'.

We want bloggers around the globe to tell us where they would go, what they would do and how they would make their £1000 last as long as possible for an epic adventure. Minus the cost of flights, we want people to explore their frugal side of living whilst still having a great time and we have £1000 to give away to the lucky winner.

And the winner is...

We had a wealth of great entries, so the judges have had a hard time choosing the winner! They felt that everyone had put a great deal of effort into their entries and there were some really amazing trips that really tempted them.

Nathan and Sofia chose the post by Monika at Mumonthebrink.com. You can see her winning post here.

They felt that the itinerary was brilliant and loved the fact that Monika had worked out all of the costs and was confident she would be able to take a family of 5 away for a 5 week holiday exploring all areas of the UK - truly a great experience for her family and a great achievement with such a big family on a tight budget! Well done Mumonthebrink!

A Word From The Expert...

"If you are planning to go backpacking for an extended period, then backpackers insurance is what you will need. Going off to see far flung places and to experience the joys of the world away from normality can be exciting, and although you may decide to travel light in terms of valuables, unfortunately there is the possibility that things could go wrong. You need to ensure that no matter what country you are in, you are covered in case you are involved in an accident which requires medical attention. You may wish to do more hazardous pursuits whilst away, such as bungee jumping and quad biking and if you are not covered and something goes wrong, your travel insurance policy will be void. The cost of repatriating a sick or injured person by air ambulance to their home country could cost you or your family a fortune. Costs incurred have been known to go into the hundreds of thousands of pounds and has resulted in some people having to sell their family house in order to pay.

It is not just medical and baggage you need to think about, you may want to consider about airline failure cover. Particularly if you have a number of scheduled transport connections. Some insurance policies will cover you to work whilst you are away, or for those thrill seeking adrenaline junkies - hazardous pursuits, but it is absolutely essential that you ensure that you have the right cover for your plans. Try and think from the outset what you are most likely to be doing in your break and where you will be travelling to and check all of your insurance wording carefully to ensure you are correctly covered." Sian Harrison - Travel Insurance Manager

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Nathan and Sofia

Nathan and Sofia are the passionate travelers behind AsWeTravel.com, a young twenty-something couple who having been traveling around the world together since 2008.

For them travel is about creating and living a lifestyle of freedom, exploring everything the world has to offer and then inspiring others to break-away, get out there and travel as well. Together they have traveled to over 45 countries, they create HD travel videos from every country they visit, and share all their travel advice and experiences on aswetravel.com.

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