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By Mehdi Punjwani Tuesday 3 September 2019

Staycations can be a fun way to enjoy a holiday for less – but a travel insurance policy can still offer useful cover if you’re staying in the UK


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What is staycation travel insurance?

Staycation travel insurance covers you for a range of eventualities when you’re holidaying within the UK – which is commonly known as taking a staycation.

Do I need travel insurance if I’m not leaving the UK?

One of the main costs covered by travel insurance when you go abroad is medical treatment – which can reach the tens of thousands in places like the USA. However as the NHS takes care of treatment for UK citizens for free, and any gaps can be covered by private health insurance, it’s not usually included in staycation insurance policies.

This doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from other benefits included in travel insurance. You’ll still be able to claim for things like lost possessions and cancelled transport or accommodation.

Am I already covered for UK holidays?

You might have some cover already in place if you have a contents insurance policy, as these can sometimes include cover for possessions that are lost, damaged or stolen while out of the home. Additionally, if you travel frequently and have an annual multi-trip travel policy, it may cover you for UK holidays too.

What does staycation travel insurance cover?

When you take out a travel insurance policy for a staycation, you’ll generally be covered for:

  • Transport and accommodation: If you need to book alternative transport or accommodation arrangements because yours are cancelled, your travel policy will pick up the cost
  • Trip curtailment: The policy will also pay out if you need to cancel your holiday before you leave because of an illness or injury, redundancy or bereavement
  • Baggage and belongings: You’ll be able to claim for the cost of replacing or repairing your baggage and belongings if they are damaged, lost or stolen while you’re travelling
  • Personal liability: Personal liability means you’ll also be covered for any legal costs you might face if you injure someone or cause damage to their possessions

What extras can I add to my staycation travel insurance policy?

You’ll also have the option to add extra cover to your policy, including:

  • Business travel insurance: If you’re travelling within the UK for work, a business policy can offer cover where standard travel insurance might fall short. For example, with business cover you’ll also be able to claim for company cash, laptops, mobile phones and alternative travel arrangements for changes in meetings or personnel
  • Winter sports insurance: It might not be the Alps, but the UK does offer spots for skiing and snowboarding – such as Glenshee, Cairngorm Mountain or Cumbria. You’ll still need a winter sports, skiing or snowboarding policy to cover you as it’s seen as a risky activity by insurers
  • Valuable items travel insurance: Some expensive gadgets or valuable items like instruments and sporting equipment might not be covered by your home contents or standard travel insurance policies. You will have to take out separate cover to insure these

How much does staycation travel insurance cost?

You can generally expect travel insurance to be cheaper if you’re only travelling within the UK, as you don’t really need to add medical treatment cover. However you’ll find the premium costs also take into account the following:

  • Your age: Travel insurance generally costs more the older you are
  • Your holiday duration: As you’d expect a longer holiday means your insurance policy needs to be active for longer – so you’ll pay more for the extra cover
  • Your activities: If you’re getting up to any activities such as winter sports, the increased risk of you claiming means your premiums will be higher
  • Your policy extras: Adding other extras to your staycation travel insurance, like business or gadget cover, will also make your policy more expensive

Compare staycation travel insurance quotes

If you’re planning a UK holiday, finding affordable travel insurance quotes is easier when you compare deals on MoneySuperMarket. Just tell us a little about yourself, what activities you’re planning and what extras you want on your policy, and we’ll show you a list of deals tailored to your requirements.

You can compare quotes by their overall monthly and annual cost, the cover they offer and the excess you’ll need to pay if you want to make a claim. Once you’ve found the right policy for you, just click through to the provider’s website to finalise your purchase.

As with all insurance policies, the cheapest available deal might not be the best suited to you. We recommend you aim for a balance between the price and level of cover, so you don’t end up over or underinsured.

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