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Hastings SmartMiles Car Insurance

Who are Hastings SmartMiles?

Read our guide to find out what type of car insurance cover is offered by Hastings SmartMiles.

By Anita Shargall

Published: 09 May 2017

Cars driving on road

Hastings insurance started out as a provider of private car insurance back in 1997, when premium prices were worked out using a set of questions and assumptions. A lot has changed over the last 20 years though, and the recent adoption of telematics technology means premium prices can now be calculated using real-time driver data.

Hastings Direct’s SmartMiles is a telematics-based policy that monitors driving through a mobile app or online dashboard, offering hints and tips to improve your driver rating and lower the cost of cover.

So, if you’re aged 17 or over, cover less than 15,000 miles a year and do most of your driving between 5am and 10pm, Hastings SmartMiles could help cut you save money on your car insurance.

Hastings SmartMiles is provided by Hastings Insurance, which also owns People’s Choice and Insure Pink.

Contact Hastings SmartMiles

Hastings SmartMiles can be reached by calling 0333 321 9801, or via online live chat.

What types of cover does Hastings SmartMiles offer?

Hastings SmartMiles is only available on single-car, comprehensive insurance policies.

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Information about Hastings SmartMiles

Hastings SmartMiles offers a number of benefits for policyholders, including:

  • Earn no claims discount (NCD) and rewards for safe, claim-free driving.
  • Uninsured driver protection, which means you won’t have to pay any excess and your NCD will stay intact if you’re hit by an uninsured driver.
  • Cover if your car is vandalised.
  • A courtesy car is provided while yours is in for repairs with an approved repairer.
  • Cover for legal costs, up to the value of £100,000.
  • Up to £300 worth of cover for any contents in your car that are damaged or stolen.

Hastings SmartMiles’ credentials

Hastings Insurance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

How young drivers can cut the cost of car insurance

Young drivers are considered a ‘higher risk’ when it comes to car insurance claims, and so premium prices are often sky high if you’re under 21. The good news is there are a few things you can do to help keep the cost of cover down.

Taking out a telematics insurance policy is a good option if you’re a driver and careful at the wheel, as your premium price is calculated on your actual driving style, and not based upon how other drivers in your age group perform. Telematics policies usually put a limit on the number of miles you can cover in a year, and the less time you spend on the road, the less chance there is of you having an accident.

Adding an older, named driver to your policy can also lower prices, check out the video below for more cost-cutting tips.

And it always pays to shop around for cover, to see which insurer is offering the best deal. Visit our car insurance channel today and run a price comparison to see if your car insurance premium could be reduced.  

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