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Are your contents insured when you move house?

Moving house is a stressful time. Everything you own is in transit, whether it is moving directly into your new home or being put into storage. Understandably, you have a lot on your mind with hundreds of different things to remember and sort out, while life goes on as normal.

It’s easy to become flustered in such a chaotic situation, so the one thing you don’t need is your stuff being damaged or stolen whilst you are moving. If the worst does happen, having insurance for your belongings during the move is crucial.

Some insurers can cover your contents while they are in transit or storage, but not all companies offer this as standard – in fact, 42% of insurers won’t cover your move at all.


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What could prevent my contents from being covered?

Make sure you read through your policy carefully before moving and contact your provider to find out if your contents will be covered during your move. If something is damaged and you try to claim, you may not be covered due to it being improperly packed, or if you haven’t used a recommended removals company to move it.

DIY moves are not covered, so a man with a van is going to be frowned upon if any claims are made. When you consider half of movers don’t use a removals company and would not be insured, you get the idea of how big a misunderstanding there is.


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Moving checklist

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Check list for moving your contents safely and under insurance:

  • Any fragile or breakable items must be packed by a professional removals company.
  • A professional moving company should be used for the physical moving between properties as doing it yourself will most likely mean you’re not covered.
  • Your contents cover only lasts a few days whilst on the move, so if you put your belongings in storage for a longer period, make sure to get specific storage insurance.
  • If you have anything particularly valuable, it might be worth getting it insured separately, as they are often excluded from contents cover when moving.
  • Once you are in situ at your new home, then you will need to have your contents re-evaluated as premiums are calculated on postcode and type of property.

Many people are totally unaware they might be uninsured when moving house, if only for trying to save a bit of money. The best way to stay fully insured within your policy is to book a recommended removals company, let them do all the hard work including the packaging, and make sure to re-evaluate your belongings as soon as you arrive in your new home.


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Moving home? We’re by your side.

If you’re going through the process of moving home, whether you’re selling up or looking to buy your first property, our dedicated Home Movers Hub can help guide you along the way. 

Although we can’t help with the packing, we can help take some of the pressure off with our free tools and tips to make your move go as smoothly as possible.




1.  Almost a ¼ (23%) of people didn’t have home insurance when they moved. Opinium Survey data (Based on 2005 respondents 23rd of June 2017 to 27th of June 2017)

2.   The average value of contents when moving is £14,000. Opinium Survey data

3.   The average combined home insurance policy is £114.69. MSM quote data (Based on MoneySuperMarket quotes from the 1st of April 2017 – 30th June 2017)

4.   50% of movers did not use a professional to move their contents. Opinium Survey data

5. Young people move most often yet 38% of young people did not have insurance when they moved. Opinium Survey data

6. Londoners move most often and 30% of Londoners didn’t have insurance when they moved. Opinium Survey data

7. 42% of Insurers don’t cover your move. MSM quote data. 

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