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Home services and broadband expert

Ashton Berkhauer

Ashton is a veteran of the price comparison space, having worked across all products in his time in the industry. He has also worked on the supply side for some of the fastest growing insurance and energy businesses in the sectors.

Currently the General Manager for Home Services and Mortgages, Ashton observes the markets and, along with his team, strives to get the best possible solutions for consumers. The products within his control cover the largest amount of expenditure that households incur on an ongoing basis, including gas, electricity, broadband, mobile and, of course, mortgages.

Ashton says:

“We are currently living in a high inflationary environment with household bills spiralling into the stratosphere. Energy prices might be on the decline but they are still the most expensive we have ever seen, and with mortgage interest rates rising, these additional pressures weigh heavily on already cash strapped consumers.

"Here at MoneySupermarket we help try and take the sting out of things by helping customers get the best value products and services to meet their needs.”

Ashton Berkhauer

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