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Sky price increase 2021

As of April 2021, nearly one million Sky broadband, phone and TV customers saw their monthly bill increase by as much as £72. Here’s what you can do if you’re affected by the next price hike…

By now, it’s pretty common. At the start of each financial year, one of the major internet, TV and broadband providers will raise their prices – usually to offset the cost of new services, or simply to be in-line with inflation.

But that’s no consolation to your wallet now, is it?

Fortunately, there’s things you can do to avoid paying more. On this page, we’ll explain the recent price hike, and highlight ways to escape the next one.

Let’s take a look…

Which Sky customers are affected?

Sky’s price increase affected both new and existing customers. If you’re already with Sky, you should have received a notification about the increase – either a letter or email.

However, if you’re a new customer who signed up to Sky before February 17 2021, you’d have been told about the upcoming price increase, and would have already seen it on your bill.

Bear in mind, it’s not all bad news. Sky Cinema, Sky Kids Sky Talk Evening & Weekends Extra, and Sky Mobile won’t be affected by the price hike.

Here’s a breakdown of the price increases and which packages were affected:

Service Original price New price
Broadband Essential£22£25
Sky Superfast£27£28
Sky Signature (TV)£25£26
Sky Ultimate (TV add-on)£4£5
Sky HD£6£7
Sky Talk Anytime Extra£10£12
Sky International Extra£12£14
Sky Sports£25£27
BT Sport£25£27

Annual price increase

Annual price increases generally occur each year around April. This is the start of the new financial year.

Why do providers do this? Well, usually, it has to do with rising inflation, or sometimes to cover the cost of improvements to the service.

Out of contract price increase

If you’re outside your minimum contract term, you’ll be able to cancel your services whenever you want without incurring any charges.

Just give Sky 30-days’ notice for broadband, and 14-days’ notice for its broadband packages. After that, you’re free to either shop around, or negotiate a better deal with Sky.

What can consumers do?

So here’s the thing – if you’re a Sky broadband and phone customer, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to exit your contract – even if you’re still within your minimum term – penalty-free.

Simply contact Sky within 30 days of receiving a notification about the price increase, and you should be able to cancel.

Sky TV is different, though. If you’re still within your minimum term for your TV contract, you won’t be able to leave penalty-free. You see, these contracts are a bit different to Sky’s internet offering.

Specifically, they state that prices may increase by as much as 10%. Because of this warning, Sky isn’t breaking any rules.

Are you out of contract?

As we say, if you’re out of contract, you’ll be able to cancel your services without incurring any charges.

To find out when your contract ends or if you’re out of contract, call Sky on 0333 7591 018.

Alternatively, log into your Sky Message Centre online and find the message entitled ‘Confirming your Sky offer.’ This will tell you the start date and length of your contract.

How to contact Sky

If you want to get in touch with Sky, here’s how to go about it…

To make a complaint by phone, contact Sky’s complaints line on 0330 041 3875. You won’t have to pay anything if you’re calling from a Sky Mobile or signed up to a Sky Talk landline plan.

Alternatively, you can chat to an online advisor via the live chat service on Sky’s website. Or you can contact them through Twitter on the @SkyHelpTeam account.

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