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Everything you need to know about BT Mobile

BT Mobile offers discounts for BT broadband customers, as well as a good selection of higher-end and more affordable phones. But perhaps its biggest selling point is free BT Sport on your phone.

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What are the best handsets to get on BT Mobile?

At the time of writing, BT Mobile does not offer the very latest iPhones or the newest models in Samsung’s Galaxy S Plus and Note Ultra ranges.

So if you’ve got your mind set on the very best phones on the market, you’ll most likely have to consider a different network.

However, BT Mobile does sell a smattering of older and less pricey Apple phones, such as the iPhone SE 2020 and XR, and Samsung’s mid-range Galaxy A range.

Other manufacturers carried by BT Mobile include Google, Huawei, Oppo and Sony, all of which have things to recommend them.

And it carries Doro phones too, which are easy-to-use handsets that are aimed at elderly users.

Is BT Mobile a good network?

In a word, yes. Especially if you’re already a BT broadband customer. In which case, you’ll qualify for a £5 per month discount when you sign up for a BT Mobile phone-and-tariff plan.

That’s a welcome reduction. Not least because BT Mobile is some way from the cheapest network around and is relatively pricey next to budget-friendly rivals, such as Plusnet Mobile, Tesco Mobile and iD Mobile.

Where BT Mobile scores, however, is that you get really good mobile internet speeds for your money.

And because the service uses EE’s network infrastructure 4G and 5G coverage is the widest in the UK too.

On select plans you’ll also get a free subscription to BT Sport, which you can watch via the BT Sport app on your phone.

That’s a big ‘sell’, given that BT Sport Monthly Pass will typically set you back £25 per month.

However, it’s worth noting that the free subscription won’t allow you to watch BT Sport on a tablet, laptop or cast the stream from your smartphone to your TV. You’ll only be able to watch on your smartphone

BT Mobile also gets notably good customer ratings, with low levels of complaints and decent response times when problems arise.

Handily, there are spending caps on all tariffs and all BT Mobile plans come with unlimited access to BT Wi-Fi, with more than five million hotspots.

Is BT Mobile coverage good where I live?

BT Mobile’s service is founded on EE’s network infrastructure, which it means offers the UK’s best 4G and 5G coverage. And the fastest speeds too.

The best and most failsafe way to see what sort of service you can expect from BT Mobile in your area is to use its availability checker below:

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