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Everything you need to know about BT Mobile


BT Mobile offers an exceptional combination of 4G on the UK's biggest network along with unlimited access to the most extensive Wi-Fi coverage via more than 5 million BT Wi-Fi hotspots.

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All customers get free BT Sport on the BT Sport App (even if you're not a BT Broadband customer) and there are family-friendly features like spending caps on all tariffs.

If you go over your allowance in a month there is the option to upgrade to a higher one rather than pay the extra charges and customers can also choose to downgrade their tariff once a year if they wish.

BT Mobile has relaunched with a range of SIM only contracts that, at no extra cost, all come with fast 4G internet . BT Mobile’s 4G is in more places than O2, Three and Vodafone with 90% UK population coverage.

All BT Mobile plans come with unlimited access to BT Wi-Fi, which is the UK’s biggest Wi-Fi network, with more than five million hotspots. This enables customers to save their data allowance through downloading the BT Wi-Fi app.

BT Mobile plans come with a Monthly spend cap that can be reduced to as low as £5. There is also a data roaming abroad cap that can be used to protect customers from excessive spend when overseas. Customers can download the BT Mobile app to see allowances and how much has been used / spent.

If a BT Mobile customer would be better off on the next plan up then an advisory text message is sent to the customer, who can also move to a smaller price plan once each year. Incentives to join BT Mobile include the option to download the free BT Sport Lite mobile app, for watching BT Sport Lite content on their smartphone.

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