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Everything you need to know about Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile is keenly priced and gets you free ClubCard points every time you pay your phone bill. Interested? Read on to find out more.

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What are the best handsets to get on Tesco Mobile?

Although Tesco Mobile is billed as a budget network, it still offers the highest-end, newest phones, such as the Pro versions of Apple iPhones, as well as the Plus and Ultra models in Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy Note ranges.

However, in keeping with Tesco Mobile’s positioning as a value brand, it also offers lower cost iPhones, such as the iPhone SE 2020, and Samsung's Galaxy A range, as well as wallet-friendly models from Nokia, Sony,OnePlus, Huawei, Motorola, LG and more. Which may suit you better if you’re watching the pennies.

Is Tesco Mobile a good network?

Tesco Mobile’s prices that regularly undercut its household-name rivals, which means it’s well worth a look if you’re on a budget. Or if you resent overpaying for your mobile phone contract. 

Its service is based on O2’s nationwide phone network,  which means that Tesco Mobile’s 4G and 5G speeds and coverage are exactly in line with O2. You’ll just be paying a bit less for them with Tesco Mobile.

How come it’s cheaper than its rivals? Well, while the likes of O2 and EE entice you with freebies or incentives, Tesco Mobile dispenses with those attention-grabbing incentives. And is able to keep prices low as a result.

That’s not to say that Tesco Mobile doesn’t offer any customer incentives at all.

In fact, one of its biggest selling points is the offer of free ClubCard points to spend on groceries, which accumulate every time you pay your monthly phone bill.

Tesco Mobile’s selection of pay monthly phone-and-tariff contracts is impressively broad too, offering you a choice of 12-month, 18-month, 24-month, 30-month or 36-month contracts.

What’s more, they’re notably flexible too, allowing you to select how much you want to pay upfront, ranging from nothing at all to £180.

SIM-only deals come in 12-month and 18-month options. Or if you’re wary of a long-term commitment, Tesco Mobile offers ‘no-contract’ SIMs too, which operate on a rolling-contract basis and allow you to cancel with 30 days’ notice.

It’s also worth noting that Tesco Mobile 5G SIM only contracts cost no more than 4G deals with the same allowances.

So if you’re fortunate enough to be in an area where O2’s 5G service is available and you own a 5G-compatible phone, you’re in luck.

Is Tesco Mobile coverage good where I live?

The O2 network on which Tesco Mobile’s service runs provides 99 per cent population coverage in the UK, as well a growing 5G footprint.

However, the latter is still largely restricted to larger towns and cities at the time of writing.

The best and most failsafe way to see what sort of service you can expect from Tesco Mobile in your area is to use its availability checker. 

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