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Everything you need to know about giffgaff


giffgaff is a network with low cost pay as you go offers designed to offer real value for money and a no nonsense approach to mobile use.

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The network believes in listening to its users and has implemented many new ideas and services as suggested by its customers.

The pay as you go SIM only packages from giffgaff offer value for money without tying you into a long term contract.

Giffgaff supplies SIM only pay as you go deals that run on the O2 network and do not tie customers in to a 24 month contract. The SIM cards can be used strictly on a pay as you go system or run with flexible monthly plans.

The flexible monthly plans, known as goodybags and gigabags, enable the customer to get an allowance of minutes, texts and UK data or just UK data.Goodybags and gigabags can be changed month to month or set up to reoccur on a regular basis. All flexible monthly plans are 4G ready so users just need a 4G smartphone and 4G coverage.

Giffgaff customers also enjoy low international rates for calling abroad and it is possible to join an active community of Giffgaff customers, who are shaping the future of Giffgaff services and features.

The My Giffgaff app can be download onto Apple and Android smartphones and allows the customer to check their account, buy a goodybag, top up their balance and find their friends on Giffgaff, to enjoy free calls and texts between them.

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