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Compare Smarty SIM-only Deals

Everything you need to know about Smarty


Smarty is a low-cost network powered by Three’s extensive 4G service – and it offers SIM-only deals at a seriously low price.

Smarty aims to keep things simple – they offer you cheap plans with a high data allowance for a very low cost. One of their most popular plans gives you 30GB of data, along with unlimited calls and texts – all for just £10 a month.

There are some added bonuses too. Smarty’s most unique selling point is their data discount, which makes sure you’re not paying for data allowances you don’t use. While some operators let you rollover your data allowances into the next month, Smarty will go one step further – they’ll actually pay you back for any data you don’t use.

The refund comes in the form of a discount in your next month’s bill, and it’s priced at £1 for every gigabyte you don’t use. So if you’re on their 3GB plan and you only use 1GB, you’ll get £2 off your next bill. This is calculated down to the megabyte, so you’ll never be rounded up or down. It only applies to their smaller plans, though – so not anything north of 30GB.

Smarty also have a pretty hand referral scheme. If you sign up a friend or family member to the network, your next month is totally free, and they won’t pay a penny for their first month either.

All Smarty plans are on a rolling one-month contract – which means there’s no credit check, no paperwork, and you can cancel at any time.