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Everything you need to know about Sky Mobile

Sky Mobile offers flexible plans with early-upgrade options. And you get data rollover and a choice of the best Samsung Galaxy models and iPhones. Read on to find out more.

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What are the best handsets to get on Sky Mobile?

Sky Mobile’s selection of phones always includes the latest iPhones, as well as up-to-the-minute models in the Samsung Galaxy and Huawei P ranges.

And if you’re prepared to splash out a bit for a really good phone, you can’t really go wrong with any of those.

If you’re on a tighter budget, older iPhones are also on offer, as are  phones in Samsung Galaxy A mid-range line.

Sky Mobile sells phones from Google, Sony and Nokia, too, as well as easy-to-use Doro phones that are aimed at older people.

Is Sky Mobile a good network?

Sky Mobile does a lot of things very well. And one of those things is its data rollover scheme, which is much more flexible than comparable schemes offered by other networks.

For instance, while the likes of ID Mobile and EE let you rollover unused data for just one month, Sky Mobile lets you store all your unused data from multiple months in a ‘data piggybank’ for up to three years.

So you’ve got multiple chances to actually use it.

Better still, you can also cash in the unused data in exchange for rewards or share it with family members (provided they’ve also got a Sky Mobile phone or SIM plan).

It’s also worth noting that Sky TV customers who take a mobile plan can stream content via any Sky TV app and it won’t eat into your data allowance and 5G for no extra charge.  Both of which are very welcome incentives.

That said, Sky Mobile is quite expensive compared to the likes of Plusnet Mobile and Tesco Mobile. 

And while its coverage and speeds are good you can get a much faster service in more places with EE.

Is Sky Mobile coverage good where I live?

O2’s network infrastructure is the bedrock of Sky Mobile’s 4G and 5G service. That means that coverage is identical and that Sky Mobile offers the same 99% UK population coverage for 4G.

The best way to check Sky Mobile’s coverage quality where you live is to use its availability checker, or you can also follow our guide for finding the best coverage in your local area.

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