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Everything you need to know about EE

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EE is the UK’s biggest 4G network with 95% UK population coverage and this is backed up by 99% 3G UK population coverage, giving fast internet access to more customers than ever before.

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EE is now part of the BT Group and was formed in the merger of the Orange and T-Mobile networks.

The EE network carries more than 150 million calls a day and offers SIM only and monthly mobile phone contracts. Add-ons are available to customers and these can be used to get better value when roaming abroad or calling abroad from the UK.

EE was the first network to introduce 4G to the UK in October of 2012. This progressive network followed this with double speed 4GEE (75% population coverage) and now 4G+, giving ever greater internet browsing speeds.

To ensure even greater connectivity for its customers, WiFi Calling has been introduced. WiFi Calling enables calls to be made and text messages sent from locations where there is no or patchy phone signal.

EE is the new network launched by Everything Everywhere (T-Mobile and Orange) and was the first 4G mobile service. The brand was born of the digital age and is designed to serve consumers and businesses with superfast mobile service, mobile broadband and fixed-line fibre broadband.

The EE service offers speeds typically five times faster than conventional 3G services so EE customers can enjoy superfast speeds on their mobile and at home or work.

EE's 4G network covers 80% of the UK population and gives customers access to the largest 3G network in the country utilising both the T-Mobile and Orange infrastructure.

This superfast network is the first UK provider to deliver 4G LTE services and with this comes some of the most advanced handsets too. With top end handsets and 4G services customers can enjoy slick web browsing, impressive download speeds and live TV streaming without buffering.

High quality voice calls can be enjoyed on the 4G network as well as playing live multiplayer games and large email attachments will download quicker than ever.

EE combines the large networks of both T-Mobile and Orange to provide impressive UK coverage, with 4G services rolling out to more and more of the UK population. Here you can compare the best deals on the EE network with the latest handsets for you to choose from.

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