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Everything you need to know about EE

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It has wider UK coverage than any other network, and a wide range of deals, plans, and handsets to match. Here’s what you can get from EE, and how to find the best deal for you.

Compare EE phone deals

EE offers just about every type of mobile phone deal you can get, including:

You can get also a smartphone at a good price with an EE pay-as-you-go SIM in it, including free data to get you started.

On the other hand, some mobile contracts are available with no upfront cost at all. 

Monthly plans on EE start at 1GB per month and go up to unlimited data for heavy users, and some include access to 5G. Look out for plans with Smart Benefits – these give you a choice of extras, such as subscriptions to Apple Music, Apple TV+ or BT Sport.

Existing customers also get access to exclusive upgrade deals, and EE broadband users qualify for a discount on broadband and bonus data for their mobile.

What are the best handsets to get on EE?

EE has a fantastic range of handsets, from the latest iPhone to budget phones.

The best handsets on the market – all of which EE offers on contract plans – are usually the latest iPhones, as well as new models in the Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and OnePlus Pro ranges.

Those are the latest and greatest, but the best handset for you may be different. Especially if you’re on a budget or don’t really need ultra-powerful tech.

That’s why EE also has a spread of the best mid-range mobiles, such as the Samsung Galaxy A range. You’ll also find budget models, and basic mobiles designed for accessibility such as Doro phones.

Is EE a good network?

With some confidence, we can say that yes, EE is a good network with a lot to offer its customers.

Excellent coverage is just the start (see below for more on this), with speedy 4G just about everywhere plus the best 5G coverage in the UK so far.

There’s plenty of choice, with SIM-only deals, contract plans on handsets, mobile broadband, and even accessories like smart watches. Plans range up to unlimited data, with different tariffs to suit everyone’s use.

A number of EE’s deals also come with Smart Benefits. That means you can pick the benefits that suit you. The list you can pick from includes:

  • BT Sport
  • Video data pass (data you use to stream videos doesn’t count towards your monthly allowance)
  • Apple Music subscription
  • Apple TV+
  • Discounts on protective kit (e.g. screen protectors)

You also get added service benefits included free on some plans, such as an extended warranty on your handset and a free annual device MOT.

The main downside is that EE is more expensive than other networks. With all those benefits, it’s easy to see why. You certainly get your money’s worth if you make full use of everything included in your plan – but if you’re on budget, you may prefer a cheaper network.

Is EE coverage good where I live?

We’re going to go out on a limb and say: yes, almost certainly.

EE has better coverage than any other UK mobile network, with 85% geographic coverage for 4G. That covers more than 99% of the population.

Rural indoor coverage is a little lower, however, at 77%. If you’re enjoying the country life, or just want to check your area, try EE’s coverage checker to check the standard of service provision where you are. 

As for 5G, coverage is a bit sparse on the ground right now for all networks, but EE is already the frontrunner. You’ll mostly find it in major cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Cardiff.

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