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Everything you need to know about EE SIM-only deals

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A SIM-only deal from EE means you get to keep your existing phone and only pay for the texts, minutes and data you use.

If you want a SIM-only deal, EE is well worth a look. It boasts a broad range of plans to suit everyone. And a SIM-only deal means you get to keep your current phone, or buy a new one outright, and still get all the perks of an EE SIM plan.

Compare the best deals at the top of this page, or read on to see what EE has to offer and how to get the best deals.

Is EE a good network?

As one of the four major mobile networks in the UK, EE has plenty going for it.

Firstly, it provides excellent coverage across the country. As well as more than 99% 4G coverage, it offers widespread 5G coverage – in fact, it’s one of the most widely available in the UK, covering more than 310 locations. Plus, it has more than 50% availability in those locations – meaning you should be able to get a strong signal wherever you are in that location, and it’s not limited to just the most heavily populated areas.

There’s a range of useful features and extras that come with every EE SIM plan. For example, if your family members are also EE customers, you can gift your spare data to them. Some plans come with Inclusive Extras, which let you enjoy a free subscription to the likes of Netflix, BT Sport, Entertainment Data Pass (which lets you endlessly stream from Apple Music, Spotify, Netflix, and more), among others.

EE no longer offers inclusive EU roaming, however. Depending on when you signed up to your plan, you’ll need to pay extra to access your minutes, texts and data allowances when you’re travelling abroad. If that’s a deal breaker, check out the best networks that still offer roaming.

Read our full EE network review for more detail.

What to look for in an EE SIM-only contract

This really depends on what’s most important to you, and how much you can afford to spend.

To make things easier for you, here’s a checklist to think about:

  • Data allowance – are you normally connected to Wi-Fi, and only use data to check e-mails and browse the internet a bit? You probably won’t need much data: 1GB to 5GB will do just fine. However, if you regularly use your phone for work or stream TV shows and music on the go, you’ll want something more substantial, whether that’s 25GB or even unlimited data
  • Contract length – EE SIMs are available on one-month, 12-month contracts and 24-month contracts. The longer-term contracts work out cheaper, and some come with EE's Inclusive Extra perk. On the other hand, a monthly plan offers much more flexibility – and you can change or cancel your plan whenever you want
  • Price – the higher the monthly data allowance, the more expensive the SIM plan. If you’re willing to commit to a longer-term contract, the monthly cost will be cheaper. To find the best plan for you, use the comparison table at the top of this page and filter the results by price
  • Speed – it’s worth noting that different EE SIMs come with different speeds. Some offer a maximum of 100Mbps, while others come with no maximum speed. If you want the best quality streaming or ultra-fast loading times when gaming, you may want to look for a plan with max speeds

All EE SIMs come with unlimited texts and calls, as standard.

Cheap EE SIM-only deals

EE’s SIMs can be pricier than other networks. That said, there are ways to find an affordable deal with EE.

Cheap EE SIM deals tend to come with a longer contract period and smaller data allowances. With the cheapest deals, you should also expect to miss out on some perks, too – like free gifts and other customer incentives.

To get the cheapest EE deals, use the comparison table at the top of this page. Use the filters at the side of the table to find a deal within your budget.

Does EE offer SIM plans for bad credit?

If you have bad credit, your best option is one of EE’s 30-day SIM deals.

These are essentially monthly rolling pay-as-you-go contracts, and therefore don’t come with any kind of credit check. You can chop and change these packages whenever you like, too.

12-month EE SIM-only deals

EE offer a variety of 12-month SIM-only deals. To find the best one for you, think about the monthly data allowance you’ll need, and whether or not you’re willing to pay more for an Inclusive Extra.

EE SIM-only deals with unlimited data

Always using your phone on the go? EE offers SIM plans with unlimited data on one-month, 12-month and 24-month contracts. All plans are 5G-ready, so you’ll be able to take advantage of these top speeds.

Which networks offer good SIM plan alternatives?

Don’t think EE is right for you? Here’s some other options:

  • Vodafone – a great alternative to EE, offering SIM-only plans at similar price points
  • Three – one of the fastest networks in the UK, with a decent range of SIM deals available on varying contract lengths
  • Virgin Media – only offers 30-day rolling plans for ultimate flexibility
  • O2 – excellent range of benefits and perks thanks to the O2 Priority rewards scheme, as well as millions of free public Wi-Fi hotspots
  • iD Mobile – one of the cheapest networks around, with a wide selection of low-cost SIMs on one-month, 12-month and 24-month contracts
  • Sky Mobile – worth a look if you’re an existing Sky customer, as you can stream Sky apps without using your data allowance
  • SMARTY – another affordable network offering plenty of simple, budget-friendly SIM deals
  • Tesco Mobile – loads of SIM-only plans at competitive price points
  • VOXI – affordable SIM plans with a generous amount of data, plus unlimited social media
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