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iPhone 15 rumours, specs, release date, price and more

Get the inside line on all of the rumours about Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 15, from its planned release date to all new features.

When will the iPhone 15 be released?

Apple has almost always launched its new iPhones late in the year and the iPhone 15 will be no different.

It will likely be released in autumn 2023, with Apple holding a special event in September to show off its new devices.

What new features will the iPhone 15 have?

Despite the iPhone 14 only recently being released, rumour mongers, leakers and Apple fanatics have already managed to glean some key information about the iPhone 15.

Here’s what we know so far.

The return of Touch ID

Touch ID was the cornerstone of iPhone security until it was replaced by Face ID on the iPhone X.

Rumours suggest it could make a comeback with the iPhone 15, with a new fingerprint scanning alternative to face recognition built into the screen.

This would certainly make life easier for those wearing face coverings. Apple has already included Touch ID in the power button of newer iPads, so don’t discount this idea as idle chatter.

No more notch

Apple dropped the notch design with its top end iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, replacing it with a clever new Dynamic Island feature.

However, it kept it on the standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. It’s safe to suggest that next year’s regular iPhone 15 will get Dynamic Island as well.

It’s a cool feature that acts as home to Face ID as well as offering dynamic notifications and revealing key information such as music playback details and battery status.

USB-C to replace Lightning?

Apple has long been rumoured to be ditching its Lightning connector and replacing it with USB-C, a universal system which is used by all major Android phones.

This would make life easier for connecting the iPhone 15 to other devices, but would also represent a headache for the millions of iPhone owners who have Lightning chargers.

Apple already uses USB-C in some of its iPads and Macs, so a switch isn’t beyond the realms of possibility. Analysts claim the change could come in 2023.

Portless iPhone

One rumour suggests Apple could drop ports altogether and turn the iPhone 15 into a wireless charging only product.

This would make it easier to prevent water damage from getting in through any charging port, but would be massively controversial, not least because it would force new iPhone owners into buying a dedicated charging mat.

What changes will Apple make to the iPhone 15’s camera?

Apple massively upped its game with the iPhone 14’s camera, but it still lacks the edge compared with Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra.

That could change with the iPhone 15, though, as it looks to include periscope lens tech. This would allow for better optical zoom, up from the 3x zoom option on the iPhone 14 Pro.

Rumours suggest Apple is already having components made for such a camera by third party manufacturers.

Will Apple release an iPhone 15 Fold?

Apple has long had an interest in folding phones, with patents showing off plans for such a device.

Now that Samsung has shown it can be done well with its Galaxy Z Fold4, expect Apple to move into this space with its own take, perhaps called the iPhone 15 Fold.

This would be expensive, but promises to bring the best of iOS to a flexible, cutting edge handset.

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