Drink & Drug Driving Hotspot

Where in the UK are drivers most likely to have a conviction for drink or drug driving?
Explore our interactive map to find out

Over the past few decades, drink-driving has become socially unacceptable for the vast majority of Brits. But in recent years the rate of decline in the number of drink-drive accidents has slowed, and in some places the number of incidents has risen year on year.

What's more, thanks to tough new laws on drug-driving introduced in 2015, there has been a rise in the number of incidents where something other than alcohol has impaired the driver's judgment and capability.

The consequences of drink and drug driving can be catastrophic for all concerned. If you cause an accident or are even just caught driving while under the influence, regardless of if anyone is hurt, you'll be banned from driving for at least a year, clobbered with a hefty fine, and have points added to your licence.

The knock-on effects to your family and job are likely to be severe and long-lasting. And when you get your licence back, you can expect a substantial increase in your insurance premiums.

All this, of course, will be made much, much worse if you are responsible for causing death or injury to other road users. That's something you would never be able to shake.

At MoneySuperMarket, we run millions of car insurance quotes every year. And because drivers are obliged to tell prospective insurance companies about any convictions they have (along with other details, such as where they live), we can identify which postcode districts have the highest incidence of convictions for drink and drug driving.

Our interactive map is a fascinating snapshot of drink and drug driving hotspots in the UK. How does your area compare?

Click and zoom to see drink and drug driving conviction rates across the UK

Locations with fewest convictions

Rank Postal Area Postal Area Code Rate per '000 quotes
1 London NW NW 0.45
2 London N N 0.56
3 London E E 0.61
4 London SW SW 0.61
5 Galashiels TD 0.62
6 Bradford BD 0.66
7 Perth PH 0.66
8 Cambridge CB 0.67
9 London W W 0.67
10 Luton LU 0.68

Locations with most convictions

Rank Postal Area Postal Area Code Rate per '000 quotes
1 Hereford HR 2.30
2 Crewe CW 1.86
3 Blackpool FY 1.68
4 Sunderland SR 1.62
5 Newport NP 1.58
6 Cardiff CF 1.52
7 Llandudno LL 1.51
8 Liverpool L 1.50
9 Darlington DL 1.48
10 Telford TF 1.47