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Got an electric car and need to get car insurance? Take a look at our top tips to help you find the best deal.

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What is electric car insurance?

If you’re looking to do your bit for the environment, you may be thinking about getting behind the wheel of a green car, such as an electric car. And these vehicles are likely to become more and more popular in the next few years as fuel prices continue to rocket.

In fact, electric and other vehicles running on alternatives to petrol and diesel are set to become the vehicles of the future given that oil-based fuels are only going to get more expensive due to diminishing supply.

That said, it’s not just the cost factor which has led to the increased demand for green or ‘eco’ cars”. We are also seeing a growing trend among environmentally-minded motorists who want to do more to protect the planet by moving away from fossil fuels and the associated carbon emissions.

If you do decide to go green with your set of wheels, motor insurance is still a legal requirement, just as it is with any other vehicle on the road. But if you’re looking to get a good deal on your electric car insurance you need look no further than MoneySuperMarket, as you can compare a wide range of quotes online in one place with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Searching for cheap electric car insurance quotes

When looking for cover for your electric car, you may feel a little in the dark at first, and want to know whether all insurers offer specialist electric car insurance, whether you have to pay a premium for this type of cover, and how policies differ from standard policies.

You’re also likely to want to find out whether leasing the battery will affect the cover required, and whether the recharging process has an impact in any way.

As the owner of an electric car, it’s important to understand that cover for vehicles such as yours is still in its infancy, and that policies are still evolving. At present, you may have to go to a specialist provider for your electric car insurance, but as this type of car becomes increasingly popular, this will lead to more mainstream providers offering cover.

Equally, there are plenty of deals on offer right now, and if you want to see what’s available, visit our comparison site to see what kind of quote you can get for your electric car.

You may have to go to a specialist provider for your electric car insurance

Get cheap electric car insurance

By choosing an electric car, you can cash in on some serious money-saving opportunities, as these vehicles are exempt from vehicle tax, as well as from the London congestion charge.

This means you can save on both petrol and tax costs - though you will still have to renew your vehicle tax as normal each year.

On top of these savings, you may also be able to benefit from cheaper car insurance. While the cost of cover is based on a range of factors about both the car and you the driver, some insurers will offer a discount to electric car drivers.

These discounts are up for grabs as electric cars tend to be smaller and less powerful – and therefore safer.

All of these features help to reduce the risk profile of green cars, meaning you should be able to get a cheaper quote on your electric car insurance. In fact, some insurers will offer discounts of up to 5% off typical premiums paid by electric car owners, as a reward for driving environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Further, some firms will also make charitable donations to green charities or offer to plant a number of trees in return for your purchasing a policy, the aim being to offset the pollution caused by your car.

That said, the policies, features, discounts and incentives offered will vary considerably from one insurer to the next, making it vital to research quotes from across the board so you can be sure of getting the right cover for your needs. The easiest way to compare a large number of quotes quickly and efficiently in one place is through a comparison site such as MoneySuperMarket.

Other considerations when buying electric car insurance

Leased batteries – if you lease the battery from the manufacturer, you must inform your insurer about this when searching for a quote. You should also carefully read through all the documents you received when you bought the vehicle to clarify the manufacturer’s stance on this – and to clarify your responsibilities as an electric car owner.

Power cables – given that electric cars are powered by a battery which will need to be recharged, there is a risk that a passer-by could trip over the cable and injure themselves – meaning a potential insurance claim. To be on the safe side, it’s worth speaking to your insurer about this to check that sufficient liability cover is provided to cover for this eventuality.

Shop around – when searching for electric car insurance quotes, as with buying any type of insurance, it’s vital to do your homework, comparing quotes from different providers. The simplest way to do this is by logging onto an online comparison site such as MoneySuperMarket where you can compare quotes in one place in a matter of minutes.

But don’t automatically assume the cheapest quote is the right one for you. Scour the T&Cs to ensure your policy fits your particular needs. This will give you the peace of mind that you’ve picked the right electric car insurance policy.

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