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Over 50s car insurance

Save up to £235* on cheap car insurance for the over 50s

  • Save up to £235* on your car insurance
  • Get a quote in less than 5 minutes
  • It's fast, free and simple!

Which car insurance brands do we work with?

We compare dozens of the biggest insurance providers in the country, including:

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Is car insurance for over 50s cheaper?

The over 50s are considered one of the safest groups of drivers, and they’re rewarded with some of the cheapest car insurance premiums. 

The reason why is simple: people over 50 have decades of driving experience and they’re at a very low risk of getting into accidents or making other car insurance claims. 

The over 50s paid an average of £339† a year for a fully comprehensive car insurance policy, according to MoneySuperMarket data from November 2020. In fact, only drivers aged 65 and older are offered cheaper premiums. 

†The average annual fully comprehensive car insurance quote for over 50s, according to MoneySuperMarket data collected between January and September 2020, correct November 2020

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How to save on over 50s car insurance

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Buy fully comprehensive cover

The most extensive policies are actually much cheaper for most drivers these days

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Pay up front

Spreading the cost over monthly instalments will cost you more than paying an annual fee


Increase your voluntary excess

A higher voluntary excess lowers your premiums, but you will pay more if you ever do claim


Secure your vehicle

Additional anti-theft devices such as steering wheel locks or immobilisers can bring your premiums down

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Consider telematics insurance

Help your insurer better evaluate your driving and for a potential discount

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Don’t auto-renew

Use MoneySuperMarket’s car insurance comparison to every year to ensure the best possible premiums

Should I use a specialist over 50s car insurance provider?

Provided your driving record is clean – without a history of accidents or points on your licence – you’ll probably be offered fairly cheap car insurance by any insurer. However, there can be advantages when you buy insurance from providers who cater specifically to the over 50s.

These generally come in the form of cheaper add-ons to your policy, including courtesy cars if you do have an accident and emergency driver cover if you are taken ill at the wheel. They also tend to have more favourable upper age limits, though your premiums will probably increase if you’re driving into your 80s.

Car Insurance Over 50
Praksha Patel-Shah

Our expert says

"While drivers over 50 generally benefit from cheaper car insurance premiums, you should still shop around as there are big additional savings to be found. When you look for a policy, check it that provides exactly what you’re looking for. Extras that might have been an expensive add-on when you were younger, such as a free courtesy car, may now be far more affordable."

- Praksha Patel-Shah, senior channel manager of car insurance

How to compare car insurance quotes

Find cheap car insurance quotes and stay on the road with MoneySuperMarket

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It doesn’t take long

Pop in a few details about yourself, your car and driving history, and any named drivers

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We’ll search for savings

We’ll show you which car insurance quotes are the cheapest and offer the best cover

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Manage your motoring costs

Our app will send you helpful reminders when your insurance renewal, MOT and tax are due

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Car insurance premiums tend to be cheaper for those aged over 50, as they are less likely to be involved in accidents. With age comes experience and a cooler head, so insurers put more trust in the over 50s. 

On top of that, the over 50s tend to have more years of no-claims discount, and they tend to have fewer people in their cars when they do have accidents, which limits an insurer’s liability.


The average price for a fully comprehensive car insurance policy for drivers over 50 was £339‡, according to MoneySuperMarket data. Car insurance is priced on various factors, so premiums will differ considerably depending on your circumstances.


For example, young drivers are considered much more risky than older drivers, simply because they have less driving experience. Because of this, young people pay a lot more than more experienced drivers, and the same goes for people with points on their licence and criminal records.

‡Based on fully comprehensive policies with one driver holding a full UK licence, data collected between January and September 2020, accurate as of November 2020.



Unlike travel insurance for the over 50s, your health shouldn't affect your car insurance – so long as the DVLA is happy you’re healthy enough to drive.

However, there are some medical conditions – such as epilepsy or poor eyesight (that cannot be corrected with glasses) – that you must tell the DVLA about. The DVLA will then determine whether you're fit to drive.

If you don’t disclose any issues or disabilities you suffer from that are listed on the DVLA website you could face a fine of up to £1,000 and risk invalidating your insurance.



Car insurance is usually cheaper when you pay annually, because insurers add on a fee for monthly payments. Some insurers may not offer monthly payments, but because it can be an ever-increasing lump sum each year, many motorists see it as a way of helping spread the payment.

If you choose to pay in monthly instalments, it’s important to be aware that most insurers will make a credit check to see if you are able to afford it. 


If you want to pay for your car insurance monthly, the insurer will do a credit check to see if you’re able to make the payments. That’s because agreeing to pay monthly is technically a credit agreement: you’re borrowing the cost of the annual policy and repaying it over 12 months. 

As with any credit check, a record of this search will remain on your file – and your credit rating will affect the amount of APR that you’re charged. If you have a poor credit rating, you may be charged up to 20% APR. And if you’ve struggled to pay credit in the past, or if you have a CCJ to your name, then you may be denied the option to pay monthly. If you think you’ll have issues with your credit rating, you can read our guide on improving your credit score.

If you choose to pay annually, you won’t be subject to a credit check.

It depends on your attitude to driving and how reliable you believe your car is. You may want to look at breakdown cover – although will probably find it is cheaper to shop around for this separately.

There will also be different levels available to ease your stress, right through to providing a courtesy car for the time your vehicle is out of action. This is likely to cost you extra though, so work out whether you need it.

Other extras might include personal accident cover, legal cover and cover for driving abroad.

If you’re over 50 but have prior driving convictions or have made a recent claim, then your car insurance might not be as cheap as you hoped.

Other factors can also change how much you are quoted, such as if you move to a more high-risk area or significantly up your mileage.

Once you reach around 70, insurers believe that your risk of having an accident increases once more. Because the driving population as a whole is getting older, some of these extra price hikes are also feeding into the younger age groups.

Some insurers also have age cut-offs and premiums jump once you go beyond them. This gives you even more reason to shop around to find a cheaper deal.

Car insurance is worked out taking into account a number of factors including your car, its insurance group, your driving history and number of years on the road. Where you live, what you use the car for and where you park at night also come into consideration when it comes to a car insurance quote. 

All your need are your vehicle registration, what you plan to use the car for and an estimate of how many miles you’ll clock up, some personal information such as name, age and where you live, plus how long you’ve been driving for and whether you’ve made any claims or had any convictions.

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