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Check mobile phone coverage in your area

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Check your local area’s network coverage for the UK’s main mobile networks

What does mobile phone coverage mean?

Without complicating things, mobile phone coverage essentially represents the strength of signal or reception you’ll get, both for data and voice calls, in your area.

What is mobile phone coverage like in my area?

The coverage you’ll get in your local area will depend on the network you choose and its availability, as well as:

  • The handset you’re using
  • Whether you’re indoors or outdoors
A map showing 4G and voice call coverage in the UK by region

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How can I check my mobile phone coverage?

You’ll always be able to contact your network provider and ask them for an idea of the coverage they provide in your area. However if you’re with EE, O2, Vodafone or Three you can also use Ofcom’s mobile coverage checker.

Ofcom is the UK’s communication regulator, and they offer a service that lets you check the availability of 4G and non-4G data across the country.

How does Ofcom’s mobile phone coverage checker work?

You can enter your postcode into the coverage checker and it’ll tell you what kind of voice, data and enhanced data availability you’ll have.

  • A green tick: This means you’re likely to have good coverage
  • An amber triangle: This means you might experience issues with your reception (however you won’t see this for voice calls)
  • A red cross: This means you likely won’t get any signal

You’ll also be able to see a map of coverage in your area.

What if I’m not with EE, O2, Vodafone or Three?

If you aren’t with any of the above networks, your provider will likely use of them via a wholesale agreement – for example:

  • The EE network also covers Virgin Mobile, Asda Mobile and BT Mobile
  • The O2 also covers Tesco Mobile and Lycamobile
  • The Vodafone network also covers Lebara Mobile and TalkTalk Mobile
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