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Hyperformance Car Insurance

Who are Hyperformance?

Find out what types of car insurance cover are offered by Hyperformance.

By Anita Shargall

Updated: 20 May 2022

Red sports car next to wheat field

Hyperformance is a specialist in car insurance for high performance and high value luxury models, and offers cover for modified vehicles, imported vehicles, and kit cars. It also provides cover for young drivers, drivers with motoring convictions, and those living in insurance black spots.

Hyperformance is part of the Complete Cover Group (formerly the A&A Group), which also owns Insure Your Motor, My Motor Quote, 4 Young Drivers, Girl Motor, Quote A Car, and ESInsure.

Contact Hyperformance

Hyperformance Insurance can be reached by calling 0844 573 0438.

What types of cover does Hyperformance offer?

Hyperformance provides single car insurance policies with a range of standard benefits and optional extras.

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Information about Hyperformance

Hyperformance offers a number of benefits for policyholders, including:

Hyperformance Insurance’s credentials

Hyperformance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

How modifications can affect  the cost of car insurance

 Modifying your car can result in paying higher premiums on your car insurance – this is because modifications can make your car more desirable to thieves, or affect its structural integrity and overall safety, so insurers push prices up to account for the increased risk.

There are however, some modifications which won’t negatively affect your car insurance premium. Winter tyres for example, or additional security mechanisms such as locking devices. These ‘good modifications’ still need to be declared to your insurance provider though, to ensure your premium is calculated correctly.

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