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Travel insurance for Switzerland

Rebecca Goodman
Written by  Rebecca Goodman
5 min read
Updated: 21 Mar 2024

Switzerland is famous for many things including its impressive mountain ranges, lakes, historic cities, and chocolate. It’s also a favourite spot for British tourists who want to go skiing and snowboarding with many famous resorts including St Moritz and Verbier. Whatever your reasons for visiting this enchanting European country, it’s important to have insurance sorted if you want to cover your trip.

Compare travel insurance for Switzerland 

Switzerland has something for everyone, and whether you’re skiing in the Alps or soaking up some culture in one of the country’s famous cities, from Bern to Geneva, once you’ve booked your trip the next step is arranging travel insurance

It covers your trip from the day you buy it, so if anything goes wrong before you set off - such as a hotel cancellation or a holiday firm going into administration - you’ll be covered for any money you’ve already paid out. 


Do I need travel insurance for Switzerland? 

It’s not compulsory to have travel insurance for a trip to Switzerland but it will come in handy. If you’ve bought cover, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong, you won’t have to pay out for it yourself. This could be anything from a lost suitcase to medical treatment or repatriation, which could run into the thousands of pounds in some cases. 

Switzerland is well known for its ski slopes, and if you’re going on a winter sports holiday, the risk increases of something going wrong or you needing treatment. This is where the medical cover in an insurance policy becomes especially important. While no one ever wants to think about things going wrong, with insurance, you’ll be covered for anything unexpected from your equipment going missing to the medical costs of treating a broken bone.  

Customers with pre-existing medical conditions 

If you have a pre-existing health condition, you will need to tell your insurer when you buy the policy. It may offer you the insurance at the same price, you could be given a higher quote, or the policy could be tweaked - in some cases your health condition may be excluded from it. 

Whatever happens, don’t be tempted to lie to an insurer or to omit the truth. If this happens and you then make a claim, your insurer could reject it leaving you to foot the bill yourself. 

If you are being given quotes which seem excessively expensive, or you’re struggling to find an insurer, Money Helper has a list of specialist firms you could try.  

How much is travel insurance for Switzerland? 

The price you pay for a policy will depend on lots of different factors, including the following: 

  • The length of your holiday 

  • Your age 

  • If you have any pre-existing conditions 

  • The activities you have planned 

  • If you’re getting a group or family policy 

  • The level of medical cover you buy 

  • The amount of excess you are happy to pay if you make a claim  

What will Switzerland travel insurance cover? 

You’ll need to check the policy details to find out exactly what is (and isn’t) covered on a travel insurance policy but most will include the following: 

  • Medical costs and repatriation: you’ll be covered for any medical treatment you need to pay for and if it’s medically required for you to be flown back to the UK 

  • Lost, stolen, or damaged items: the luggage protection will provide cover if your belongings (everything you have not just your bags) are lost, stolen, or if something is expensive, such as a pair of skis, you may need to list it separately on your policy. 

  • Cancellation or travel disruption: If your holiday - the accommodation, travel, or any trips or activities you have booked, is cancelled or changed in any way, you should be covered for anything you’ve already paid for.  

  • Coronavirus cover: Some policies will cover you if you catch Covid-19 and need to change part of your holiday.  

What is not covered?   

There are a few common policy exclusions to Switzerland travel insurance including: 

  • Undeclared pre-existing health conditions 

  • Claims relating to drugs or alcohol (or anything illegal) 

  • Natural disasters 

  • Acts of terrorism  

  • Activities which aren’t included in your policy (such as extreme sports) 

What else should I consider when I choose my travel insurance? 

If you are visiting Switzerland to take advantage of its incredible ski resorts, you may need to buy some additional insurance cover. You can add winter sports insurance to a single or annual policy and it will include cover for any activities you plan to take part in, which may not be covered under your standard policy. 

Winter sports cover usually includes a range of other helpful features, such as if you lose your ski pass, avalanche delays, piste closures, and personal liability if someone were to make a legal claim against you.  

Do I need a visa to travel to Switzerland? 

British tourists do not need a visa when travelling to Switzerland and they are allowed to stay for up to 90 days. Your passport will be stamped to show the date you entered the country and this also applies in the wider Schengen area too, which is a group of 27 European countries without internal border controls.   

If you do plan to stay longer, you’ll need a visa from the Swiss embassy and you’ll also need a longer insurance policy - such as backpackers’ insurance.   

More tips for travel to Switzerland? 

It’s always a good idea to be prepared when you’re setting off to a new country, and to know what the local cultures are. You’ll also want to keep an eye on the government’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office website as it will alert you to any current warnings in place around visiting another country. Here are a few more tips to help you for your Swiss holiday: 

  • Currency: The main currency is the Swiss Franc, as Switzerland is not part of the European Union and doesn’t have the euro  

  • Language: Switzerland is nestled among several countries and German, French, Italian and Romansh are all spoken along with English 

  • How to get around: You can hire a car, fly, or use public transport and there is an excellent railway system 

  • Healthcare: While not a replacement for insurance, the free EHIC card (which is being replaced with the GHIC) can be used to access healthcare available to residents of Switzerland, at the same price they pay.  

Why compare travel insurance with MoneySuperMarket? 

It’s quick and easy to use MoneySuperMarket to compare Switzerland travel insurance. You’ll have to enter a few details, such as the length of your trip and your age, and you’ll then be given a list of potential policies to choose from. You’ll also have the option of adding on anything extra you may need, such as winter sports insurance.   

Frequently asked questions

Can I drive in Switzerland with a UK driving licence?

British tourists can drive in Switzerland with a full UK driving licence. They must also have car insurance that covers them in Switzerland and it’s advisable to also have breakdown cover.  

Can I drive on the motorway in Switzerland?

If you drive on the motorway, you will need to buy a special sticker, known as a vignette, and display it in your car. You can buy one at several places including a border crossing, post office or petrol station.

Am I covered for mountain rescue?

If you have bought winter sports cover, you should be able to claim for mountain rescue costs if you need to. These are unlikely to be included in a standard insurance policy though.   

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